“A Republic if You Can Keep it” Thoughts Under My Fedora

Posted: November 5, 2020 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would see a national election being stolen in front of my face openly and blatantly, that’s horrific, but that the American people might conclusively tolerate it that’s the real crime.

In fairness the blatant attempt to steal the election should not be a surprise, a lot of people make their living off the gravy train that Trump has put a dent in, are rightly afraid that four more years will end it. Furthermore Big Tech etc can’t afford what was coming from a Trump win so they’ve gone all in and aren’t even trying to hide it

This is why when this stuff was happening in small elections over the years it should not have been tolerated as it had been by the GOP it should have been crushed because tolerance of it creates boldness.

I’m writing this Wednesday Morning at 10 AM so I don’t know what the state of the race is at the moment but of all the things that have shocked me Minnesota is the biggest.

That people who have seen a major city being torched, looted and destroyed and were still willing to back the party that allowed it to go on is so amazing, so astounding as to defy logic.

Let’s note something interesting

In counties in Florida and Texas we’ve seen huge increases in the Trump vote among minorities. One country in particular in Texas that Hillary won 95-5 Biden win by 5%

Oddly none of that seems to being reflected in states where the democrats are in the governors’s seat and hold the sec of state and AG office

Unexpectedly of course

I would not be surprised to see competing slates of electors sent to DC circa 1876 but I’ve heard a set of interesting rumors that I’m going to hold back for now till I see more.

  1. America doesn’t exist anymore. What’s the line from Gladiator? There once was a dream that was Rome, or something similar? There once was a dream that was America. But it is gone. Long gone. All we can do now is try and stay out of the way of our Lord Emperors.