Julio’s Guest Post Election 2020 Analysis

Posted: November 6, 2020 by datechguy in Uncategorized

As you might know I had four bets on this election. Given what we’re seeing and the obvious fraud I’m put in an odd position.

Naturally none of the folks I bet with are likely involved in the fraud but made their bets in good faith, but I also don’t want to pay out if until we know how all this litigation is going.

One of those I bet with is a fellow named Julio, he contacted me last night and said he’s happy to wait till the final court stuff is done (though I offered to pay when states certify before court stuff on the condition that if Trump won it court the payment is reversed). He had earlier talked about hiding Biden as a good idea and last night after agreeing on waiting for the courts I DM’s him saying that he was definitely right about that.

This morning he sent me a DM in his reply with his opinion of how the election turned out and what happened, Said DM presumes it was a straight election but other than that I found it a first rate opinion piece so with his permission and without further ado here is Julio’s guest post DM

We can wait until it’s official official, until the math is impossible, until the courts are over or until you lose hope. That’s why I said “sun is starting to set real low” We’re just almost there. There are things democrats did right and there are things democrats definitely did wrong during this whole campaign. Hiding Biden, the debates against trump, and allowing Bloomberg’s infrastructure and team handle Biden’s definitely helped. Things democrats did wrong were allowing this country to go to hell to make trump look bad. I get it. It’s like playing chess. It was risky. But it killed people. Both sides politics were just using us as pawns. Not going after Latinos harder. There’s a reason why Latinos vote for Trump. It’s not cause of the ideals or anything like that. It’s cause of jobs. Latinos will vote for a poor message bout jobs than the guy saying I’ll just do the opposite. But the best thing Biden did was just say he’ll be president to all Americans. It’s time Peter. Trump did a real good job at dividing everyone with the way he talked. Blue cities, democrat cities, red vs blue. We’re all American. We all love this country. Our ideals will never line up and that’s ok. We need to get back to compromising. There’s Beauty in the country. There’s beauty in the cities. Biden wants to unite and I’ll take that message over the shit trump was saying. Plus at the end of the day there will be more compromise and shitting on the real left than ever. I’m going to get awfully frustrated with this administration rather quickly

Now I disagree with the premise that Trump was trying to divide Americans given what the left had been doing for decades but I like the analysis concerning Latinos and I very much like the sentiment at the end.

I do not for one moment think the avg Biden voter is complicit in the fraud that is going on and frankly I think we need to see more Julio’s on the left.

What do you think of what he says?

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  1. Bill Heffner says:

    The real problem is that voters vote based on what is best for them personally, not on what is best for the nation as a whole. Seniors vote based on Social Security. Latinos vote based on immigration and green card policy. Blacks vote based on George Floyd. Children of all ages vote based on “what I want.” Women vote for women because they are women, and excoriate men for voting for men for any reason.

    No one votes for what is best for the nation as a whole. No one cares what is best for the nation as a whole. There does not, in fact, exist a nation as a whole. There exists various identity groups, each vying to get what IT wants.

    This happens because politicians have created it so by prostituting themselves for votes. The pace has accelerated for decades and has reached utterly destructive proportions. A nation divided against itself cannot stand.

  2. skeneogden says:

    Trump dividing the country? That’s rich Julio. Remind me again which party sows division through identity politics. We are past the point of compromise when one party blatantly steals an election with the help of the media and internet giants.

    And the assertion that we all love this country when people on the ideological Left are trying to burn our cities down is just farcical. With thought processes like Julio’s, fostered by an incompetent and politically motivated educational establishment, I can now see why 70 million people voted for Biden.

    As someone who really does love this country I will now weep for it.

  3. Bill Heffner says:

    As will I, Skeneogden, as will I. I once served in diesel submarines off the north coast of Soviet Russia in defense of this nation. I would not take that same risk of my life for the nation, government or population, that exists today.