Active Dynasty Leagues All Pathetic and SD Jones (New Players Welcome)

Posted: November 27, 2020 by datechguy in dynasty baseball, gaming, online gaming

Here is the state of the 2nd season of my Dynasty Baseball All Futility League (all teams lost 96 + games). Last season the 1970 White Sox defeated the 2012 Astros 4-0 to win the World Series. Teams available for those interested are listed.

Teams AL Division BWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1970 Milwaukee Brewers1911.633—–No
1970 Chicago White Sox1614.5333No
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays1518.4555 1/2Yes
2003 Detroit Tigers1119.3678 1/2No
Teams AL Division BWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1970 Kansas City Royals2013.606—–Yes
1970 Chicago White Sox1716.5153No
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays1419.4246Yes
1973 Texas Rangers1020.3388 1/2Yes
Teams AL Division CWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
2009 Cleveland Indians2013.633—–No
1957 Washington Senators1815.5452No
2019 Baltimore Orioles1815.5452No
1967 Kansas City A’s1221.3648 1/2No
Teams NL Division AWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1998 Montreal Expos2013.606—–No
2001 Pittsburgh Pirates1914.5761Yes
1998 Florida Marlins1617.4854Yes
2009 Washington Nationals1518.4558 Yes
Teams NL Division BWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
2015 Atlanta Braves1515.500—–No
2000 Philadelphia Phillies1617.4851/2Yes
2012 Houston Astros1317.4332 1/2Yes
2017 San Francisco Giants1320.3943 1/2No
Teams NL Division CWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1993 New York Mets1911.633—–No
1982 Cincinnati Reds1914.5761 1/2No
1993 San Diego Padres1617.4854 1/2Yes
1974 Chicago Cubs1317.4336No

I am also running an all average team league called the SD Jones memorial .500 teams league. All teams were no better than 2 games over .500 or no worse than 2 games under. Here are the current standings. Teams still available are listed. This is our initial season.

Teams AL EastWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1993 Boston63.667—–No
1967 Washington54.5561Yes
1973 New York (A)54.5561Yes
1957 Baltimore27.2224Yes
Teams AL CentralWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
2010 Detroit42.667—–Yes
1973 Minnesota33.5001 No
1998 Chicago (A)33.5001No
1975 Cleveland24.3332No
Teams AL WestWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
2017 Kansas City63.667—–Yea
2005 Toronto45.4442Yes
2010 Oakland45.4442No
2018 Los Angeles (A)45.4442Yes
Teams NL EastWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1967 Pittsburgh63.667—–No
2018 Washington54.5561 No
1975 New York (N)45.4442Yes
1957 Philadelphia36.3333Yes
Teams NL CentralWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1975 St. Louis63.667—–Yes
1996 Cincinnati54.5561 Yes
2000 Colorado54.5561Yes
1973 Houston27.2224Yes
Teams NL WestWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1975 San Francisco72.778—–Yes
1982 San Diego54.5562Yes
2007 Los Angeles (N)36.3333Yes
2012 Arizona36.3333Yes

Sometime in January we will be starting the 3rd season of our great teams league. Last season the 1955 Brookyn Dodgers repeated as world champs defeating the 2010 Texas Rangers 4 games to two. Can they three peat? And what team would YOU like to manage to try and stop them?

All perspective players welcome no matter what side of the political fence your on

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