Once Upon a Time Black Students Dreamed of Avoiding Racial Incidents on Campus

Posted: April 12, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Now apparently they dream of it, to wit:

The school quickly launched an investigation and discovered that a “student of color” was responsible for the graffiti.

According to student newspaper The Albion Pleiad, college President Matthew Johnson informed students that a “current student of color” was responsible for the incident. As M Live reports, Albion Department of Public Safety Police Chief Scott Kipp stated that the suspect was a twenty-one-year-old Black male.

The school stated that the student acknowledged his responsibility and was “immediately removed from campus” while administrators “conduct a full investigation as part of our student judicial process.”

This would seem a change from the days when Black Students wanted to attend colleges that they had hitherto been excluded from because such an education was the best chance to better one’s self and thus expand the prospects for themselves and their children. This required hard work and study but the rewards of said effort were potentially huge both short and long term.

In the 21st century however this is not the case, not only has the value of a college degree dropped significantly (due to reasons that have nothing to do with race) but in current culture in general and campus culture in particular the value of being considered a “victim” both as an individual and as a group has increased to a point where there is a positive incentive for a black student or any group considered “marginalized” to be able to claim victimhood, thus equating themselves to those brave people who paved their path without all that inconvenient risk and danger

Even more incredibly even if when, in this case, the student who perpetuated said hoax is caught, the value of said hoax is retained by others in said “marginalized” community because nobody dares protest the scam for fear of being called racially insentitive.

This will end when the incentives for this behavior are removed and/or when a white student or employees sues the university for either “emotional distress” or an “unfriendly work environment” over the results of said events.

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