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My “Defund the Police” Compromise

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It is in the best traditions of the American Experiment that two sides holding opposing views that can’t be easily reconciled find a compromise that will accommodate them both. I believe I have found one on the whole: “Defund the police” thing.

An apparently large amount of the activist left community continues to demand that the police be defund while a large amount of the population seem to think that doing so leaves them vunerable to violent crime so in an age where cell phones are ubiquitous and data is easily gathered those who wish to defund the police be allowed to one they sign the following pledge:

I, the undersigned no longer wish the police to be funded nor wish my tax dollars to be spent in said funding. In return for this I on behalf of me and my family formally renounce police protection and any call for assistance to protect me, my family or my property shall be ignored by police in this or any other jurisdiction and said police and/or jurisdiction that they represent shall not be held liable for any inaction on their part in any emergency involving myself, my family or property. This pledge does not preclude police from responding to any call where they have cause to believe me or mine are suspected of criminal behavior.

In most ages this would be impractical but in an age where people have cell phones that track them and police have access to data bases of data it would take seconds to determine if a call for help comes from a person who has signed such a pledge it can be safely ignored. This will allow a shrinkage of the police force which will please those who sign and submit their information and I suspect will please both those who oppose this position who don’t want their resources spent on them and the police who would be loath to protect such people.

In fact as part of the deal their houses and cars should have signs and stickers upon them advertising:

This property is a police free zone

It’ would be the ultimate in virtue signaling and I’m sure there will be many people who will see such a sign with approval, particuarly those who don’t like the police to begin with.

It will be especially fun to see woke corporations agonize over signing on or not.

By John Ruberry

If you receive your news only from mainstream media outlets then you probably don’t know that Adam Toledo, a thirteen-year-old Chicago seventh-grader, was likely a member of the Latin Kings gang, a criminial organization whose reach is worldwide.

Toledo was killed in a police shooting at 2:30am on March 29, It was a Monday, which is what my parents called “a school night.” That night the young teen was with a 21-year-old, Ruben Roman, who was on probation for gun crimes

Chicago’s former police superintendant, Garry McCarthy, places the blame on Toledo’s death on street gangs, not the cop shot who shot him. “They have the ‘shorties’ who they give the gun to,” McCarthy told WBBM-AM. Toledo apparently was one of those “shorties.” Youngsters such as Toledo, if caught, usually end up in the more lenient juvenile court system, although with Kim Foxx as Cook County’s prosector, the adult courts are quite lenient too.

Police officers were responding to a reports of gunfire in the Southwest Side Little Village neighborhood when they found Roman, who was quickly taken into custody, and Toledo, who ran. In a just-released police bodycam video, which is difficult to watch and contains profanity, it appears that about a second before he was fatally wounded, Toledo dropped his gun. 

There have been scattered local media reports about Toledo’s reputed membership in the Latin Kings. A British newspaper, News Corp’s The Sun, has been quite direct. Of the national media that has spoken up, left-leaning “fact-checking” site Snopes classifies such speculation as “Research in progress.”  But for the most part the big-time national media hasn’t reported about Toledo and his apparent Latin Kings ties.

To be fair the Chicago Sun-Times reported a few days after the shooting, “Chicago police leaders warned their cops that factions of the Latin Kings planned to retaliate following the fatal police shooting of a 13-year-old. Gang members were instructed to ‘shoot at unmarked Chicago police vehicles,’ CPD warned.”

The national mainstream media clearly has another of their narratives to protect, in regards to this one, it’s that racist police officers are indiscrimanetly shooting members of the minority community, particularly young ones. Meanwhile, the Hey Jackass! site says as of today, 165 people have been shot to death in Chicago so far this year–and 759 others have been wounded. Of those killed in 2021, again according to Hey Jackass, over 90 percent of the victims were minorites. And finally, yet again according to the same source, there have been only eight police shootings in Chicago so far this year–three of them fatal. 

Some people are unfairly blaming Toledo’s parents for his death. Good people sometimes raise kids who end up bad. Toledo was reporting missing by his mother on March 26, three days before his death, but he returned home the next day.

At 13 there was plenty of time for Toledo to turn his life around. 

The Chicago Teachers Union, which for months has stubbornyl blocked school re-openings despite the fact that children are the least harmed age group by COVID-19, said in a statement, “Adam Toledo was loved. He was one of ours.” While students have been truant since the first schools took in kids, remote learning leads to even more of it. Chicago’s elementary schools only opened, part time, for in-class learning a few weeks before Toledo’s killing. The high schools re-open in a similar fashion only tomorrow.  In February, the Centers for Disease Control, declared with safeguards, it was safe to re-open schools, even without vaccination.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.