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So now that the election is safely won stolen the media thinks it’s safe to say that the Trump Russia bounty story is BS. At least this time Mitt Romney can take solace in the ends justifying the means in a Democrat big lie.

The same day that the we discovered that this story was bunk Joy Reid started hinting that Ron DeSantis was involved in Sex Trafficing. Commenting on the story Sarah Hoyt who has really earned her reputation as required reading over the last three month asked these questions:

Do you ever wonder at the stories the left thinks plausible? Pee gate. Sex trafficking.

Do you ever wonder why?

I don’t wonder. I just presume the left’s skill at projection is why they’re so entrenched in the movie business.

Speaking of projection and falsehood two years after he was driven out of his own company we now know that ‘Papa John’ Schnatter was driven out of the company he founded over a lie.

Again this was one of the previews of coming attractions of the punishment that companies might face for defying the left, which is likely why so many were willing to fund.

Speaking of defying the left Mike Lindell continues to do so and has now started a site called My Store.

He hopes to compete with Amazon on it. I’m thinking of listing my book there and perhaps the next one (if we ever finish the proofreading that is) to get it some exposure although it will likely put a target on my back.

Lindell has a deep faith in God which provides him with courage and to those who say it’s impossible to compete with Amazon I have three letters and two words for you:

AOL & Internet Explorer

Finally I notice that Coke & Delta were notably absent from the latest round of meeting of company to unite behind the woke flag deciding at this point to shut up and brew and fly.

Apparently Kurt Schlichter is right about the backlash the dam is breaking and when it does, it will be fast and furious.