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Today is Good Friday the single most solemn day in the Calendar of the church and one of only two days when the Holy Sacrifice of the mass is not celebrated.

It’s also the best example of the importance not making instant judgments.

Consider the situation. On Good Friday what would someday be called “Christianity” found it’s founder under arrest by the Jewish authorities and elders who where in charge of religious worship for the entire Jewish race. The primary officers had all fled, one killed himself and the leader of the group had publicly denied even knowing said leader multiple times. And if that wasn’t enough the single greatest power in the known world publicly had said leader executed and to put an exclamation point on it, had his tomb sealed and put a roman guard on it to make sure it stayed that way.

Any objective observer seeing this situation would naturally conclude that the small sect of followers of Jesus Christ would soon disperse back into the population and to their former lives expect perhaps for Matthew the tax collector , who was unlikely to get his former position back. He and they would be a footnote in history if he was remembered at all.

What a different a few days, and then a few years would make.

Within three days Christ would be alive and the tomb would be empty. Within two months the cowardly apostles of Christ would suddenly become fearless, defying the Jewish elders, escaping from prison and preaching all over the the place. Within several ,month Romans soldiers were being baptized. Within a year one of their greatest foes in Judaism would not only convert after Christ appeared to him but would travel throughout the Roman Empire spreading the faith even to Rome itself. Soon the man who denied Christ in public the day of his arrest would be leading the Church in Rome itself. Even when threatened with execution adherents would suffer death rather than renounce their faith. Within a few centuries the faith would be the official faith of the empire. It would spread education, medicine, and be the basis for western civilization and, in my opinion become, along with British Common Law the single most beneficial social change in the entire world.

No person seeing Christ pierced by a Roman lance with blood and water with his mother wailing at its foot would have anticipated this.

The lesson that is often taught from this is that the glory of Easter is always preceded by the horror of Good Friday.

And that brings us to Coke and Delta.

As you know by now Joe Biden is President of the United States. the Democrats hold, however tenuously the majority in both the house and the senate and are currently pushing their agenda. The left holds the media, the tech giants, people from Steven Crowder to Donald Trump are being pushed off platform after platform and the voices of the woke are being amplified.

So when Georgia which was unwilling to stop the steal in their state decided to pass a laws to make sure that elections are decided by actual votes rather than by magic ballot, the left took a fit and things being how they are they put pressure on companies.

Coke-cola’s CEO, based in Atlanta came out against the law, Delta Airlines spoke against it and now Major league Baseball is considering moving this years All Star Game from Atlanta.

Now if you think of the events of the last two months this might seem a rational move. The left currently has power, the right is being silenced, all the public media and platforms keep proclaiming their strength and power and with the brazen steal of the last election there is every reason to believe that the next one will be stolen as well.

These corporations as well as those on the right who have given into despair would do well to remember the lesson of Holy Week and Good Friday before they associate themselves with the left throwing away the tens of Millions of Trump votes who unlike the mythical Biden voters who cast their magic ballots in the dead of night when no one could see these people actually exist.

They should recall that conventional wisdom is always correct…right up until the moment it isn’t.