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Oil Refinery, from Wikipedia

One of President Trump’s greatest achievements was to drive America away from importing Middle East oil. It made the United States capable of sitting out any regional crisis, which in the Middle East seems to happen on a frequent basis. For example, if the Iranians threaten to close the Straits of Hormuz, the United States can take its time to act accordingly, not being pressured by rising gas prices at home. Heck, the U.S. could tell other countries to solve that crisis if it wanted to. Having options makes it harder for your opponent to win, and puts you in control.

India is, ironically, fast approaching where the U.S. was in terms of oil a few years ago. India is the third largest consumer of oil (behind the U.S. and China), and it imports almost 85% of that oil. This leaves India vulneable to any oil interruption, and with OPEC cutting production this month, India is actively trying to diversify its energy and vehicle oil usage. This is also why India is OK negotiating with Iran (which supplies 10% of India’s oil), mainly because it doesn’t have a lot of choices.

By the way, none of this is news, it was being called out last year and the year before that, so India “unsheathing a weapon” is a bit of a misnomer, since they’ve been working on this for some time. This could have been a great moment for the United States and Canada to step in and sell lots of oil to India. Not only would it be democracies helping democracies, but it would provide a 1 billion person counterweight to China’s aggression. Plus we’d make money on the deal. What’s not to love?

India probably paid attention to history and saw how the U.S. got screwed in the 1970s, plus how President Trump gave the U.S. more foreign independence. They are pushing lots of initiatives like solar cars and solar cells to reduce transportation and home usage, but these take time to build in, and India’s sporadic infrastructure doesn’t help the process. Again, all these initiatives provide opportunities for the U.S. to work with India and strengthen that relationship, something we sure don’t seem to be pushing all that much.

Oil isn’t leaving anytime soon as the fuel of choice, and inter-country relationships will continue to be heavily influenced by who produces, consumes and ships oil. The United States has a pretty significant interest in helping countries like India source their oil from friendly places while seeking to become energy independent in the long term. Not only does it make our planet better, but it makes our foreign policy a lot more stable, and we could all use that.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

Yesterday MLB who I was prepared to forgive for last season decided to throw in with the left and thus has lost me as a potential customer to go to games, watch games listen to games and or buy any MLB paraphernalia over Georgia’s new elections law.

In their haste to please and appease the left and throw away a good chunk of their customer base they have neglected to answer a most important question, one that the Democrat left has not answered either, concerning this law: Here it is:

How does the new Georgia Law actually stop any voter who legally voted in 2020 from casting a legal vote in any election that follows?

Now as a person who believes that election 2020 in Georgia was stolen and that hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots were counted I will readily concede that this will law will help prevent false votes from :

  • People who didn’t actually vote
  • People trying to cast multiple ballots
  • People who are not legally allowed to vote (out of state residents, illegal aliens)
  • People who don’t exist

What I want to know however is how it stops a legal voter from casting a ballot.

Now note that the question isn’t a question of convenience, for example if a drop box is 1 mile away vs 100 yards away that doesn’t prevent a person from voting any more than a Wendy’s 1 mile away prevents a person from getting there, particularly with the full power and resources of the Democrat party to get a person that mile and the number of days allowed for a person to vote. I’m asking how does it actually stop a person who voted legally last time from doing so again?

The answer to that question is really easy:

It Doesn’t!

If I was a person on the left and believed that the last election was clean, I’d welcome the scrutiny this law provides because it would prove their win was legit and silence folks like me who maintain that Joe Biden is only president due to magic ballots provided by corrupt democrats in the dead of night in multiple states.

But I submit and suggest that the dirty little open secret is that the left knows they can only win if they cheat and this law makes cheating more difficult, which is why they are screaming bloody murder. I further submit that once enforced some of the offices they have held for a very long time in the state in districts considered unwinnable by the GOP might not be so secure once votes are counted honestly.

I challenge the left in general and MLB in particular to prove me wrong by answering the question I just asked.

Oh and if you want to ask MLB to answer that question and / or to offer your objection to their move the phone number for MLB off their web site is: 866-800-1275. Why not take the time to give them a call and let them know what you think.

Oh and when you call be nice, none of this nonsense was the idea of the person answering the phone.

Cloud communities

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Politics continues to infect every facet of American life, with Major League Baseball now chiming in on the “controversial” Georgia election law by removing its All Star Game and 2022 Draft from Atlanta. This comes just days after MLB announced a partnership with Chinese conglomerate Tencent. Apparently MLB is fine with doing business in China, where they systematically rape Uyghur women, and also fine with punishing fellow Americans in Georgia, where they require you show ID to vote. Just like they do in pretty much every other democracy in the world.

And most other European democracies ban mail-in ballots, too. Will MLB also be boycotting the Toronto Blue Jays? It’s always striking how the Left, which loves little more than to pine for European-style socialism, ignores European levelheadedness.

But that’s the state of things. Corporations continue to choose the woke Left’s call to politicize everything over middle America’s cry to shut up and play ball. Writer Roger Simon argues that it’s time for conservatives to build an alternate world, and there’s something to be said for that.  It’s unfortunate, because it further divides Americans when that’s the last thing we need, but to otherwise surrender to emotional bullying is likewise unacceptable.

Which makes what investor Balaji Srinivasan recently launched sort of interesting.  Srinivasan is the former Chief Technology Officer of major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, and a founder of multiple startups. He also holds a MS in Chemical Engineering and an MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering, all from Stanford University.

One of those guys.

But he recently launched a project called 1729, which he calls “the first newsletter that pays you.” And that’s what it is — a newsletter. Its goal is to create a “cloud community” of “technological progressives” — people interested in “cryptocurrencies, startup cities, mathematics, transhumanism, space travel, reversing aging, and initially-crazy-seeming-but-technologically-feasible ideas.” And with the newsletter, he provides incentives – typically, cryptocurrency, at least so far — for subscribers to achieve goals based around certain concepts, such as new business ideas, health-oriented goals, educational goals (subscribers could earn $100 in crypto by learning some computer coding).

It’s an interesting attempt at creating a unique community, and as the online and virtual worlds make remote or cloud communities possible, there will likely be more of them.

Worth keeping an eye on, perhaps especially as an example for conservatives.

At least, so long as the overlords allow it.