The Question The Democrats (And MLB) are not Answering on GA new law: What legal voter can’t vote under it?

Posted: April 3, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Yesterday MLB who I was prepared to forgive for last season decided to throw in with the left and thus has lost me as a potential customer to go to games, watch games listen to games and or buy any MLB paraphernalia over Georgia’s new elections law.

In their haste to please and appease the left and throw away a good chunk of their customer base they have neglected to answer a most important question, one that the Democrat left has not answered either, concerning this law: Here it is:

How does the new Georgia Law actually stop any voter who legally voted in 2020 from casting a legal vote in any election that follows?

Now as a person who believes that election 2020 in Georgia was stolen and that hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots were counted I will readily concede that this will law will help prevent false votes from :

  • People who didn’t actually vote
  • People trying to cast multiple ballots
  • People who are not legally allowed to vote (out of state residents, illegal aliens)
  • People who don’t exist

What I want to know however is how it stops a legal voter from casting a ballot.

Now note that the question isn’t a question of convenience, for example if a drop box is 1 mile away vs 100 yards away that doesn’t prevent a person from voting any more than a Wendy’s 1 mile away prevents a person from getting there, particularly with the full power and resources of the Democrat party to get a person that mile and the number of days allowed for a person to vote. I’m asking how does it actually stop a person who voted legally last time from doing so again?

The answer to that question is really easy:

It Doesn’t!

If I was a person on the left and believed that the last election was clean, I’d welcome the scrutiny this law provides because it would prove their win was legit and silence folks like me who maintain that Joe Biden is only president due to magic ballots provided by corrupt democrats in the dead of night in multiple states.

But I submit and suggest that the dirty little open secret is that the left knows they can only win if they cheat and this law makes cheating more difficult, which is why they are screaming bloody murder. I further submit that once enforced some of the offices they have held for a very long time in the state in districts considered unwinnable by the GOP might not be so secure once votes are counted honestly.

I challenge the left in general and MLB in particular to prove me wrong by answering the question I just asked.

Oh and if you want to ask MLB to answer that question and / or to offer your objection to their move the phone number for MLB off their web site is: 866-800-1275. Why not take the time to give them a call and let them know what you think.

Oh and when you call be nice, none of this nonsense was the idea of the person answering the phone.

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    Well, as I say to my wife when we discuss politics: “There you go trying to apply logic and reason to the argument. They have nothing to do with politics” Oh, and by the way, it is my impression that MLB is about as relevant these days as the Grammy Awards show. A few hard core fans, but most people couldn’t care less. But that is because I couldn’t care less about professional baseball.