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Given that LeBron James (surely speaking for the NBA & MLB) objected to a police officer using deadly force to stop a 15 year old black girl from stabbing anther young black girl I’m sure he can take comfort that no such police interference took place in Cincinnati when another 15 year old black girl was able to stab another young black girl to death without police intervention.

Perhaps he can fund her defense on the grounds that it is the it’s the Inalienable right of a person of color to kill another without society interfering?

I’m a bit of an old fashioned guy. I was always under the impression that both the principles of Western Civilization, the US Constutution and scripture demanded that the persons and property of black americans in their neighborhoods deserved the same protection from violence and crime as any other because to coin a phrase “black lives matter”

The Democrat party did not agree with this principle during the days of slavery and Jim Crow and apparently do not believe it in now. Their Klan and slaveholding ancestors would nod in approval.

It’s stories like this which invariably take place in cities that have been ruled by Democrats for decades (the last GOP mayor of Cincinnati left office in 1971 a year after Brooks Robinson practically single handedly denied the Reds a World Series) that make be wonder if stealing elections has been going on right along in these cities as it seems incredible to me that the black community whose people, business and neighborhoods are the primary target of such crime continue to vote for the people who bring this result.

I’m wondering if states even red state decided to let it go as long as it was confined to the specific cities by tact agreement. If so election 2020 proved that was a large mistake.

Of course that last bit is a bit of speculation on my part. It is entirely possible that the black community having been indoctrinated by critical race theory within its community for decades is in fact of the opinion that they would rather suffer murder mayhem within their community rather than have police of any color enforce laws within them.

Ironically that was the same argument that black kings in Africa used to object when the British Navy by the order of the British government forcibly stopped the international African slave trade.

Some things never change.

Finally this was at Althouse (via Glenn) and I think it really makes the point that I was making in section 3 even better than I did:

But seriously here: Except for a weird one-day thing, Minneapolis has had nothing but Democratic mayors dating back to the early sixties. The City Council (per Wiki), which governs the PD, has 12 Democrats and one Green (and that’s it). The Chief (nominated by the mayor, approved by the City Council) is a Black man who has held the post since 2017, and whom you’d have to guess is not a Republican (not because he’s Black, but because he got the job). And I’d guess you’d have to go way back in time to find a Chief who wasn’t Democrat-leaning.So who hires these cops? Who trains them? Who disciplines them? Who provides their rules of engagement? It’s Democrats all the way down.

Put simply all these horrible things and all this so called “racism” is all taking place under the auspicious of the Democrat party, by people appointed by Democrats to be unleased on the Democrat voters that elected them. I can’t help but think of the line from St. Leonard of Port Maurice famous sermon: “Thy Damnation comes from Thee!”

I submit and suggest that this state of exploitation will continue as a long as the black community continues to tolerate it.