My “Defund the Police” Compromise

Posted: April 18, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

It is in the best traditions of the American Experiment that two sides holding opposing views that can’t be easily reconciled find a compromise that will accommodate them both. I believe I have found one on the whole: “Defund the police” thing.

An apparently large amount of the activist left community continues to demand that the police be defund while a large amount of the population seem to think that doing so leaves them vunerable to violent crime so in an age where cell phones are ubiquitous and data is easily gathered those who wish to defund the police be allowed to one they sign the following pledge:

I, the undersigned no longer wish the police to be funded nor wish my tax dollars to be spent in said funding. In return for this I on behalf of me and my family formally renounce police protection and any call for assistance to protect me, my family or my property shall be ignored by police in this or any other jurisdiction and said police and/or jurisdiction that they represent shall not be held liable for any inaction on their part in any emergency involving myself, my family or property. This pledge does not preclude police from responding to any call where they have cause to believe me or mine are suspected of criminal behavior.

In most ages this would be impractical but in an age where people have cell phones that track them and police have access to data bases of data it would take seconds to determine if a call for help comes from a person who has signed such a pledge it can be safely ignored. This will allow a shrinkage of the police force which will please those who sign and submit their information and I suspect will please both those who oppose this position who don’t want their resources spent on them and the police who would be loath to protect such people.

In fact as part of the deal their houses and cars should have signs and stickers upon them advertising:

This property is a police free zone

It’ would be the ultimate in virtue signaling and I’m sure there will be many people who will see such a sign with approval, particuarly those who don’t like the police to begin with.

It will be especially fun to see woke corporations agonize over signing on or not.

  1. Mad Celt says:

    Good idea: let individual communities within a municipality decide whether to have a police department or not. Same laws will apply but those who don’t want one are left to their own devices and can be served and protected by community organizers equipped with very loud whistles.

  2. Pod Hamp says:

    I am more in “Defund the Mayor’s Office and City Council” mode myself. Free up a little more money for the cops.