Still Fake, It’s getting Drafty, Victoria’s Mask, NBA Crash and Ugly Uniforms Under the Fedora.

Posted: April 19, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I still can’t get over people on the right being surprised over “Joe Biden flip flops” or “Joe Biden doing ‘x'”, “Joe Biden saying ‘Y'” or “Joe Biden claiming ‘z'”. Please stop pretending that what he “says” matters because:

  1. All these things “he” has “done” all pale before stealing the election.
  2. Joe Biden is no more in charge of this government than I am.

This needs to be mentioned in every piece, in every write up and in every statement concerning the Biden administration. Don’t conceede their fantisy.

I have to laugh at all the talk about women in the draft heading to SCOTUS for two reasons.

  1. If you have a volunteer army and you create a disincentive for people to join then naturally you need to find them elsewhere so of course you need women in the draft and an active draft to boot.
  2. I suspect none of the people involved in the discussion are willing to define “woman” in public.

Speaking of laughing outloud today as I was heading back from lunch I saw a woman wearing a branded Victoria’s Secret mask as I passed and literally could not contain myself and broke out in laugher.

As she was in a large group nobody knew why I was cackling seriously Victoria Secret masks? Is she really going to wear it in an intimate moment and if you’re at work and your attire is not shall we say, in the style of Victoria’s Secret (as it would not be at work) what’s the point?

P. T. Barnum would be proud.

I see the NBA viewing number are setting a new “not watching” record to beat last year’s “not watching” record set in a year when people were stuck at home with nothing better to do.

It’s a variant on Field of Dreams instead of: “If you build it they will come” we’ve gotten “If you insult them they will leave.”

The same thing is happening with baseball except they didn’t have anything near the NBA to start with.

Finally while as I said I’ve not watched an inning of baseball last year and thanks to the Atlanta BS I’ve not done the same this year because I went out to eat this Saturday I did notice the Red Sox playing.

Of course I wasn’t sure it was them as they were wearing a God Awful looking uniform that resembled the 74 A’s.

I understand it was supposed to be some kind of commemoration of the Marathon Bombing but I don’t think wearing something that looks like someone throwing up is quite what fits the bill.

Yet another reason to be glad I’m not watching or listening or reading updates online.

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    The only time I watch sports is when we go out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. They have several television sets on the wall with random sports programs playing, and since my eyes are attracted to moving images regardless of how little I am interested in them, I end up watching. And since it is a Mexican restaurant, they tend to tune in to metric football.

    We also occasionally will visit the local Buffalo Wild Wings, but not that often, because they are really noisy and among the multitude of TVs on the wall are a few tuned to CNN. And that really pi**es off my wife, because none are tuned into Fox News. Just as well because as far as I am concerned, Buffalo Wild Wings is just a noisy Chick-fil-a that serves beer.