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With rioting in major cities threatening due process, Congress wanting to print money until we look like Venezuela, and Gretchen Whitmer breaking her own travel regulations, its entirely OK to think that the United States has gone a little crazy. I can understand people wanting the way things were in 2019 back. I can understand people feeling cheated out of an election.

But I don’t get the “world is going to end now” attitude. I have friends and family that have said “We’re totally screwed, the United States is over as we know it.” Granted, they said this during the 2008 financial crisis and at multiple times during the Obama administration, but now, this time, its totally real.

If you are one of those negative Nancys, guess what: your crap attitude doesn’t help. Please keep your negative BS to yourself.

Now, if you’re mad at all this stupid situation and want to actually do something about it, then lets talk. Right now, people should be:

  • Securing your online information so that tech companies and antifa have less to exploit about you
  • Identify how you can volunteer at your local election
  • Identify your local election officials and make sure they know you want fair elections
  • Tell your state representatives you won’t tolerate unfair elections and they better do their jobs or they’ll be replaced
  • Band with your neighbors into a neighborhood watch to keep the antifa hoodlums out
  • Even better, identify these people and be prepared to out them to the police. They rely on stealth, once outed, they are pretty cowardly
  • Make sure you’re financially sound. Pay off your debt, get some investments in stocks, crypto and mutual funds, and put yourself on a path to financial freedom
  • Build a second income stream, even if its small it makes you a harder target to intimidate
  • Start meeting like-minded people in your community and build those relationships now

It’s infuriating to talk to people, especially older people that lived through the inflation of the 1970s, to continue to be gloom and doom. Newsflash: it doesn’t help anyone. Being concerned and taking action gets people motivated and excited, and might get the change started that our country so desperately needs.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, the negative Nancy that lives down my block, or any other government agency.

There is an article at the Washington Examiner about Catholics calling the 1st 100 days of the Biden Administration: “100 days of Disappointment”.

I can’t see how this can be the case for any informed person. To be disappointed requires expectation and anyone Catholic who has followed Joe Biden for the 50 years he has been on the public teat would not expect him to make any decision that was governed by the faith, even if he was actually in charge in DC.

If you actually had expectation of it being otherwise then I’m disappointed in you.

There is a lot of talk that the wokeness and sloppiness of the MSM has bled into the sport media but I actually think it’s the other way around and the best example of this has been the NFL draft.

For the last several months we have seen disinformation, speculation treated as credible evidence up for discussion and wholesale nonsense pushed on the public. Why here in New England today on a radio station that has spent the last three months insisting that Bill Belichick MUST trade up and pay any price to get one of the five elite QB’s available in this draft when he managed to get one of them (Mack Jones) with his 15th pick without you actually had a host complaining that Jones wasn’t a good pick because he he HAD been one they would have traded up for him.

Remember unless you are watching or listening to an actual play by play it’s just about winding you up to keep you there or if you have an “insider” advancing a particular front office’s narrative in exchange for access.

Yup just like regular media.

I found the whole “Cruz asleep during the Biden speech” story ironic because it remined me of the time Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal show approached me at CPAC to bring up solitaire on my new laptop so they could have an image to claim people weren’t listening to his speech and I called them out on it publicly that day.

It shows the double standard, if I had done what they asked they would have painted it as Trump’s fault for being boring rather than my fault for not paying attention in the press pool. With Ted Cruz the narrative is it’s his fault for closing his eyes rather than the fault of the Biden administration to make a boring presentation that means nothing.

Saw the same thing during campaign 2012 when I was covering the Santorum campaign, young reporters weren’t interested in reporting what was said but were dying to get a sound bite they could spin.

I bet the lot of them never got over being unpopular in highschool.

I keep reading about student government members anxious to hit police from their temporary pulpits.

The fact that employment managers will be googling them seems to be completely lost on them and that for all the woke positioning of major companies public most of these folks given the choice of someone who stirs controversy vs someone who will help sell their product or service will take the later every time.

I also have an odd feeling that these folks will find it odd that the moment they go over the speed limit, or fail to signal or violate various ordinances they will find themselves pulled over and or caught and somehow not escape with a warning.

Unexpectedly of course

I’m old enough to remember when the Giuliani story would have shocked me in terms of the abuse of power by the government/deep state.

These days the revelation that they’ve been going after him secretly since 2019 while President Trump was still in office elicits a yawn as I don’t expect better.

Michael Corleone had these guys pegged the year Biden got into office

Trump’s superpower was making these vermin come out into the open.

Bronze mettle

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A month ago, the University of Aberdeen in Scotland committed to repatriating to Nigeria its lone Benin Bronze, becoming the first Western institution to return any of the thousands of bronze sculptures looted from the Kingdom of Benin (part of present-day Nigeria) in 1897. This week, the government of Germany became the second, promising to return to Nigeria in 2022 all Benin Bronzes held by state-run museums. The Ethnological Museum in Berlin alone holds over 500 Bronzes.

The 1897 Benin Punitive Expedition stands as a monument to the greed and destruction of colonialism. At the behest of corporate interests looking to get ahold of new resources, James Phillips, the new Acting Consul General for the Royal Niger Company set out to overthrow the Oba, or King, of Benin. The Oba didn’t want to trade with the Brits, and forbade his people from doing so on punishment of death. Warned of Phillips and his party approaching, the Oba set an ambush. Only two of Phillips’s party escaped with their lives. Phillips wasn’t one of them.

To avenge their deaths, the British army sent a punitive expedition that razed Benin City and stole thousands of bronze sculptures from the kingdom. The sculptures have since been scattered throughout the world. Until now.

The Bronzes themselves became symbols of the argument, within the world of antiques and cultural heritage, about the ill-gotten gains of colonialism, and how best to protect the works of art involved, so that people can enjoy and learn from them. Some today argue Western museums can better protect the Bronzes, and that the Nigerian climate might damage the works. The harmattan is real, people.

And while the West might once have been able to claim that it better protected cultural works than less-developed countries, and might once have been able to claim it could better display cultural works, unfortunately, those claims are increasingly dubious.

Of course, Western museums are preeminent in the technology necessary to best protect works. And though there’s little danger of a disaster like the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas occurring anytime soon — our rioters prefer to loot sneaker stores rather than museums — the West has its own problems with cultural destruction.

Song of the South” is an Academy Award-winning live action/animated hybrid musical produced by Walt Disney, based on the Uncle Remus stories and released in 1946. But because its racial imagery is controversial, with a too-sunny depiction of blacks in the American South during the Reconstruction era, the studio has withheld release of its film on home video and has not made it available for streaming on Disney+.

Disney actually found one of its films it refuses to convert into merchandise.

In the U.S., corporations withhold our cultural heritage for political reasons. That’s its own kind of cultural destruction.

The problem is, political winds change. Who’s to say only the wrong racial politics will be forbidden? Why stop there? Mao didn’t.

I might rather take my chances with the harmattan.