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Milo Says it

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One of the biggest things about speaking the truth publicly is that it takes courage.

In an interview with Church Militant Milo Yiannopoulos, says something out loud that in my lifetime would not have been controversial but would send the woke into spasms. Here’s the key bit:

The selling of this lie is the work of the father of lies who has become the father of the left.

Until we acknowledge where this is coming from, it will not be beaten. Milo is acknowledging it publicly and because of that he will be targeted and cancelled and attacked like he never was before.

Unfortunately for those doing the attacking he has St. Joseph as his patron so I wouldn’t bet against him.

Hypocrisy on the Fourth

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By Christopher Harper

The Biden battle to prevent a July 4th celebration at Mount Rushmore is yet another example of the disingenuous notion that this president intends to bring the nation together. 

Instead, Joe Biden and his cronies want to divide and conquer.

In an eloquent response to Biden’s crew, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem examines the hypocrisy of Biden’s arguments.

“There is no better place than Mount Rushmore to celebrate America’s birthday. Independence Day is the celebration of our nation and our founding principles of freedom, equality, and opportunity. Thomas Jefferson wrote the beautiful document that declared the United States of America free and independent. George Washington’s leadership in the American Revolution ensured that our independence was established and protected,” Noem wrote in  The National Review.

Point One: The Biden administration argues that the pandemic should preclude a fireworks celebration. But South Dakota’s COVID cases are the lowest they’ve been in 14 months. Moreover, there were no cases from last year’s event.

Point Two: The administration argues that there were environmental concerns with holding the event. But the National Park Service determined that no significant impact occurred from last year’s celebration.

Point Three: The administration points maintains that certain Native American tribes opposed the event. But Noem said she and others consulted with them before last year’s celebration and included programming to celebrate Native American heritage.

A federal district court judge recently sided with the Biden administration, but Noem promised to continue the legal battle.

As Noem puts it, the cancellation is simply another example of the Democrat tilt to the far left. “They wish to cancel the great men on that mountain who accomplished so much to make America the most special nation in history. It’s but their latest attack on American history and our founding principles.”

I’ve spent a lot of time in the state. In fact, I graduated from high school in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I couldn’t agree more with the governor!  

The heat is oppressive for the 2nd day in a row here in central MA and it’s going to be doubly murder during the first 3-4 hours of my shift today not to mention to all the road crews that seem to be out in force over the last few weeks.

It’s one of the reasons why despite the protection of freedom and the winning fight against cultural insanity rather than the war on normalcy I’ll never be moving to Texas. I can put up with the insanity all year long, but the heat, that’s beyond me.

The virtue signaling NFL is at it again going all in on celebrating sodomy.

I guess it’s another season of following only Tom Brady.

Oh and speaking of Brady let the record show again that since he signed in Tampa Bay no NE team has made it to the finals in the four major sport AND no Tampa Bay team has FAILED to make it to the finals in any major sport.

Speaking of sports that I’m not watching apparently MLB has gone crazy on inspecting pitchers for foreign substances but what’s really crazy is the number of elite pitchers being hit suddenly now that the rules are being enforced. Apparently the length of games doesn’t matter anymore.

It reminds me of the left that insists the vote was on the up and up, they’ll keep insisting it until the rules and laws get enforced.

FYI the speed at which so many corporations are rushing to embrace slavery in China and the gay / transgender / sodomy agenda is an important reminder.

Other than the propaganda business which is our news industry corporations are all about maximizing profits. The only reason why they pushed American values in the past is because that’s where they thought the money was. If they thought that there was more cash in rejecting the abnormal most would do so. But they remain more afraid of them than us.

Until that changes this won’t change.

Speaking of things that don’t change here is a tweet from Bernie Sanders yesterday:

This is the same message that the left has been putting out for 30+ years yet people are still falling for it.

The main reason is too many people on the left make a comfortable living off of this grift but a big part of it is that it’s a religion that they are teaching our kids.

They didn’t take prayer out of schools they just pray to different Gods now.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

By: Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT — As usual, I am a little late to the party, but in January I decided to start writing on Medium in addition to keeping my own blog, as well as keeping my Monday slot here.

Medium is basically a blogging platform, but it seems to be a decent place to post from time to time because of the built-in audience.  Launched in August 2012 by Evan Williams, one of the co-founders of Twitter, Medium has a pretty solid, worldwide following. You can read three free articles a month before you hit the paywall. It’s not clear how many subscribers have signed up for the $5 monthly subscription fee but estimates range from 200,000 to 400,000. 

I kind of stumbled on Medium this spring when this article by Tomas Pueyo went viral and was showing up all over my social media. I thought the article was really well done and if that was any indicator of what kind of work was on Medium, I wanted to know more. I’ve been reading there ever since, and at some point I subscribed. 

On Medium you can tailor your home screen to the types of articles you want to see by simply following  specific categories. In the beginning I set mine to coronavirus articles, culture, history, humor, environment…that kind of thing. I have tweaked it a bit since then; you can also follow tags.  I like a mix of things to appear on my home screen. There is a category for writing, but I’m getting too many articles about how to write on Medium that are weighing my feed down. I am going to take that one off. I took the coronavirus category off as well; I’m tired of reading about that.

The site hosts professional and amateur writers and so again, pick and choose. Famous names include Susan Orlean (a favorite of mine – I loved The Library Book), Nikki Haley, Senator Marco Rubio, and many others. Authors are paid by internal views and engagement: how long someone spends on your article, claps (which is similar to the “like” button), and shares. A writer on Medium earns zero revenue from readers outside the Medium subscription base; external views do not earn money, but in theory they can lead to more Medium subscribers.  It is all about exposure and building a following. 

I have concerns about spreading myself too thin but I am curious to see if I can spark up a following on Medium which would then develop into a little extra cash in my pocket, which is always a good thing. Now that I am finally retired, I know that I will have more free time for writing, and so for the moment, I think I can handle three blogging platforms. My posts at each will be quite different because the audience for each is different.

To earn money on the platform, you have to sign up for a Strip account; it is very simple and safe. Once a month your earnings are transferred into your account.

So, how much have I earned in my six months there? About enough to buy a hamburger and beer for lunch. Not a lot. You’re probably not going to make enough to quit your day job. But my revenue is growing each month, so at least it’s going in the right direction, and I’m gaining followers. Articles on Medium have “a long tail”; that is, they earn money weeks after they’ve been published because the Medium algorithm filters them back around to land on someone’s homepage depending on their interests. For example, logging on to Medium right now, I have a selection of articles from today on back about four weeks.

I’m curious if any of you are Medium readers? If not, check the site out and let me know honestly what you think about it. Like I said, you get three free articles per month.