Hot Tuesday Mornings, National Sodomy League, Your cheating Baseballs, For profit always and evergreen “climate” tweets Under the Fedora

Posted: June 29, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The heat is oppressive for the 2nd day in a row here in central MA and it’s going to be doubly murder during the first 3-4 hours of my shift today not to mention to all the road crews that seem to be out in force over the last few weeks.

It’s one of the reasons why despite the protection of freedom and the winning fight against cultural insanity rather than the war on normalcy I’ll never be moving to Texas. I can put up with the insanity all year long, but the heat, that’s beyond me.

The virtue signaling NFL is at it again going all in on celebrating sodomy.

I guess it’s another season of following only Tom Brady.

Oh and speaking of Brady let the record show again that since he signed in Tampa Bay no NE team has made it to the finals in the four major sport AND no Tampa Bay team has FAILED to make it to the finals in any major sport.

Speaking of sports that I’m not watching apparently MLB has gone crazy on inspecting pitchers for foreign substances but what’s really crazy is the number of elite pitchers being hit suddenly now that the rules are being enforced. Apparently the length of games doesn’t matter anymore.

It reminds me of the left that insists the vote was on the up and up, they’ll keep insisting it until the rules and laws get enforced.

FYI the speed at which so many corporations are rushing to embrace slavery in China and the gay / transgender / sodomy agenda is an important reminder.

Other than the propaganda business which is our news industry corporations are all about maximizing profits. The only reason why they pushed American values in the past is because that’s where they thought the money was. If they thought that there was more cash in rejecting the abnormal most would do so. But they remain more afraid of them than us.

Until that changes this won’t change.

Speaking of things that don’t change here is a tweet from Bernie Sanders yesterday:

This is the same message that the left has been putting out for 30+ years yet people are still falling for it.

The main reason is too many people on the left make a comfortable living off of this grift but a big part of it is that it’s a religion that they are teaching our kids.

They didn’t take prayer out of schools they just pray to different Gods now.

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