Hypocrisy on the Fourth

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By Christopher Harper

The Biden battle to prevent a July 4th celebration at Mount Rushmore is yet another example of the disingenuous notion that this president intends to bring the nation together. 

Instead, Joe Biden and his cronies want to divide and conquer.

In an eloquent response to Biden’s crew, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem examines the hypocrisy of Biden’s arguments.

“There is no better place than Mount Rushmore to celebrate America’s birthday. Independence Day is the celebration of our nation and our founding principles of freedom, equality, and opportunity. Thomas Jefferson wrote the beautiful document that declared the United States of America free and independent. George Washington’s leadership in the American Revolution ensured that our independence was established and protected,” Noem wrote in  The National Review.

Point One: The Biden administration argues that the pandemic should preclude a fireworks celebration. But South Dakota’s COVID cases are the lowest they’ve been in 14 months. Moreover, there were no cases from last year’s event.

Point Two: The administration argues that there were environmental concerns with holding the event. But the National Park Service determined that no significant impact occurred from last year’s celebration.

Point Three: The administration points maintains that certain Native American tribes opposed the event. But Noem said she and others consulted with them before last year’s celebration and included programming to celebrate Native American heritage.

A federal district court judge recently sided with the Biden administration, but Noem promised to continue the legal battle.

As Noem puts it, the cancellation is simply another example of the Democrat tilt to the far left. “They wish to cancel the great men on that mountain who accomplished so much to make America the most special nation in history. It’s but their latest attack on American history and our founding principles.”

I’ve spent a lot of time in the state. In fact, I graduated from high school in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I couldn’t agree more with the governor!  

  1. Donald Pay says:

    I lived in the Black Hills region for a decade, Chris. There is a fire district and a state law. (link below) Both say there can be no fireworks sold or set off within that district. Of course, both the Mt. Rushmore and the surrounding Black Hills National Forest have jurisdiction over a lot of that land, but the National Park Service and the US Forest Service have a history of protecting the region from wildfire, and most years have decided against fireworks. There have been a few very wet years where fireworks at Mt. Rushmore were allowed, because fire danger was low. Even then locals objected. When the decision had to be made this year (late March), the Forest was in extreme drought., although I hear fire conditions have improved somewhat since. Last year it was allowed because the Trump Administration overruled the professional land managers and ignored the vast majority of public comment.

    The concern isn’t just with fire. The explosion residues in the several years when fireworks were allowed, have polluted the surface and groundwater at Mt. Rushmore.

    This is hardly a tilt to the far left. It’s a return to sane, conservative government, but it gives Noem something to yammer about as she speaks to the radical fringe from her taxpayer funded Fox News studio in Pierre.

    You state Noem’s response to the National Park Service decision was “eloquent.” Unfortunately, a lot of vacuous eloquence gets you nowhere if your case lacks any legal merit, She has yet to submit her appeal to Judge Lange’s opinion in the case.

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