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Hell No it Won’t Show!

Posted: June 9, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

About 1 AM as I was getting ready to crash was a notice of an update to my OS on my screen. I thought very little of it as OS updates are a regular fact of life for any system.

This morning when I got home from mass I noticed the weather in my bottom toolbar.

While the weather is useful I had not turned on that toolbar and wondered what had put it there.

When I clicked on it suddenly there was a feed feeding me the entire MSM line in every story in sight.

Each time I shut off one “news” site it was replaced by another just as obnoxious and woke till all that was left was the Washington Examiner and Fox and while I don’t mind those sources but I didn’t want a feed at all.

I finally got into the task bar and shut off the feed from there, which frankly I should have thought of first.

I know I could have just left that weather bar there but in the end if I want something on the net I’ll ask for it but I wonder how many people just take the feed and the misinformation.

Rather sad actually.