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One of the most pervasive hallmarks of the political left is their chronic distortion of language.  George Orwell highlighted this in great detail when he wrote 1984.  The term he created for this type of behavior is Newspeak. 

Progressives and other leftists have been warping language for well more than a century.  It is the only way they have any hope st winning arguments or convincing those that are uninformed or unknowledgeable.

One of the most common tactics used by leftists is to take a term that has a negative connotation and apply it to those who absolutely do not deserved to be tagged with that label.  The most current example of this is the all too casual way leftists on social media throw around the accusations of someone being a conspiracy theorist. 

All an individual has to do to be tagged on social media as a conspiracy theorist is to make a statement that conflicts with standard leftist orthodoxy.  Liberals and other leftists live in a universe that is divorced from reality, a universe that is ruled by feeling and emotions rather than the truth, facts, science, or other forms of absolute truth.   

Social media giants such as FaceBook and Twitter employ an army of so called fact checkers who all too often label factual posts as false or containing misinformation.  If you share posts that are flagged by these phony fact checkers too often you risk being banned or having the audience your posts reach severely restricted.   I have been banned from Twitter for spreading conspiracies and I am pretty sure FaceBook has severely throttled back my account.

To be labeled a conspiracy theorist by a leftist on social media all you have to do is tell the truth about the 2020 presidential election being stolen from President Trump, mask mandates being ineffectual, lockdowns doing tremendous harm and no good,  the possibility of the Wuhan Virus escaping from a lab, global warming and man caused climate change being a bunch of bunk, and so much more.

It is amazing how frequently us so called conspiracy theorist are later proved to be purveyors of the truth when all of the facts and evidence are carefully examined and weighed.

The sudden fall of Dr. Fauci (or as my wife caller him Dr. Fakey) is a wonder to behold. Of course the media is doing all it can to prop him up now that his email’s are showing him to be the Sir Humphrey Appleby of government medicine but the sudden pulling of his book from pre-sales shows they understand the writing is on the wall.

To Quote Don Surber from last month and today:

“Tony Fauci is about to become the fall guy for the Covid Conspiracy, which wrecked the economy to elect Biden.

“And with a $400,000 per year salary sucking at the federal teat, the quack is totally cool with that.”

I take exception to the use of the word “elected” there.

Unlike St. Anthony the great apparently he wasn’t all that good at resisting temptation.

As you can see is back up. It went down the day I was about to launch the indulgence Calendar part of a project that I’ve been putting off for almost a decade in the same way that Jonah went to see when asked to go to Nineveh.

Because my primary backup site was full I created a 2nd backup site which had space for the Calendar and published the post and the file there and viola the very next day this site was up again.

I mentioned it to my pastor Tuesday he suspect it means we’re on the right track.

You can download the June Calendar here.

I understand that Vice president Harris is supposedly gong to be put in charge of a task force to restore the economy.

I’m sure there will be a good amount of government money spent on those involved to come up with a solution but the quickest way would be the return of Donald Trump to the White House.

We’ll have to wait 3 1/2 years for that, hopefully there will be an economy still there to get going.

The continued attacks on Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema are rather amazing as it shows an amazing ability to forget the fruits of Harry Reid’s moves that backfired spectacularly on the Democrats and the left. It’s as the left believes it will hold power forever.

Of course when you gain power by illegitimate methods you tend to have that idea, as Glenn Reynolds said concerning the left’s responses to the various audits: “Not once in all the challenges have the Democrats responses indicated ‘we have nothing to hide.’”

Finally Romano’s Market is gone but a man named Lopez has moved in there with a variety store. It has some meats, not the variety that Mike had as he’s not a full blown butcher by trade but so far I like what I’ve tasted.

This is what happens in America, seven generation of Italians ran Romano’s for 117 years perhaps in the year 2138 the seventh generation of Lopez’s will decide they want to do something else and another family of immigrants will take it over and begin the cycle again.