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The Saddest Pavolvian Sight

Posted: May 30, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Yesterday was day one of no mask freedom in Massachusetts and so I decided to get to church to become free from sin as well.

As I was leaving church (I go to mass generally on Sunday) I was pleased to see a lady approaching without a mask and greeted her with the quip: “The only sad thing about not having to wear masks is now you can see if I forgot to shave.”

Instantly her face turned as she realized she didn’t have her mask on and she turned to her car to get it. Thinking she had forgotten that the ban was lifted, I called to her:

You don’t need the mask anymore!

but she replied

I still want it!

In the end she has the right to remain a sheep if she wants or perhaps there is a medical reason why she needs it, but it was a sad thing to see an American so trained.

Update: Went to mass today only about 5% were masked. When at the end of the Mass father announced the official end of the mask mandate there was a loud round of applause, however at the supermarket where masks were optional the clear majority was still masked.