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Some Simple Facts of Life Vaccine Edition

Posted: May 21, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The whole business of vaccines needs some non political clarifications.

Vaccines were one of the great advances in medicine. By this large populations were protected from diseases that ravaged mankind for millennia.

Since day one vaccines have come with side effects as all things do and for a small percentage of the population these side effects were serious (my now 71 year old brother spent time as a youth in an iron lung do to a reaction to one) and even death. But in an age of diseases that could decimate a population such a rick was considered worthwhile for a population as a whole.

Many of these risks have dropped not only because of vaccines but of improved sanitary conditions both for human living and in the production of food etc that decreases the likelihood of such diseases breaking out.

The Wuhan / Corona / Chinese virus is more related to a flu than diseases like Polio or Smallpox but for the right populations, (the old the obese and those with existing illnesses) is seemingly more deadly than the flu and for some (my wife included) may have side effects that cause trouble even after recovery.

The unexpected arrival of this disease (likely from a weapons lab) and it’s effects on the population required drastic action which is why the Trump Administration operated “Operation Warp Speed” to develop vaccines much faster than normal.

As part of the emergency some of the normal precautions and controls that might take place with a vaccine we relaxed in the emergency just as in the field hospital a doctor might act with sanitary standards that he would never tolerate in a hospital.

That these or any vaccines were developed in this record time is a real human accomplishment that both the Trump administration and the medical can pharmaceutical industry should rightly take pride in however because speed was of the essence it’s is likely that the number of side effects, the severity of said side effects and the number of people subject to them would be much higher.

Because of this increased risk (which will dissipate over time as research continues) and the fact that the primary risk is to those to whom the normal flu would put at risk I have no problem with those who decide to give the shot a miss nor do I have an issue with those who go for the jab. We’re all adults here, let’s act that way when people make their call.