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Apparently I wasn’t the only person who decided that Biden’s speech wasn’t worth their time

Virtual voters don’t show up in TV ratings

Actually had to turn down an offer to be on a radio panel the next day because I didn’t see it.

Glenn Reynolds in a NY Post article noted the difference in opinion on riots between white elites far away from the rioting and black residents of the areas where rioting took place. He ends his piece with this:

The people who have to deal with consequences will have to go somewhere else politically. And they will.

Until they do I’m not going to put a lot of credence in their critique of rioting in their neighborhoods. In a republic you get what you vote for (expect last time around nationally)

There was apparently more outrage in the media/left about NY losing a congressional seat to Texas by less than 100 people than Cuomo’s COVID policies that killed off thousands.

You would think that given NY is going to lose a congressional seat to Texas and thus an electoral vote liberals might finally get upset about Cuomo granny killing COVID policies but it must be remembered that NY will gerrymander their new district map to minimize the chances of the state’s Democrat caucus shrinking just as Texas will be sure to arrange things to make sure the new seat goes to the GOP so as far as the left is concerned while they hate the optics it’s pretty much a wash till election 2024.

I’ve religiously kept both the NBA and the NFL off my radio since they’ve been woke however lately I’ve been providing a ride home to a couple of co-workers who are sports fans an in deference to them I’ve allowed games on the radio while they’re in the car.

Because of this I had part of last night Redsox game vs the Texas Rangers on and was astounded to hear the broadcasters go on about how odd is was to see the Rangers stadium full and what a bad idea it was.

I was never so happy to turn off the radio once Sam got out of the car, because apparently the woke nonsense isn’t confined to the commissioner. On the plus side it made me feel happier about not listening to the games anymore.

DaWife was just showing me two boxes of oatmeal and noted that one has nine more carbs per serving than the other so she will now buy the one with less carbs

I opined that she should of course buy the other one because it’s a better deal as you get all those extra carbs for the same price.

The look she gave me suggested how miraculous it is that I survived long enough to be married 33 years.

I so long for a time when I no longer see everyone’s faces shrouded by a hideous mask.  It is so dehumanizing to me.  We were told that mask mandates were absolutely necessary for the safety of everyone.  There are a great many articles published that demonstrate that the science behind masking is nonexistence yet we are forced to wear a face diaper or be slapped with a fine.  Here in Massachusetts we have been forced to wear masks outdoors, at all times if we leave our homes, or face a $300 fine.  Thankfully that silliness ends on April 29th.  We will still be forced to wear masks if we want to enter any public establishment such as a store or restaurant. 

For the second year in a row the Boston Marathon was canceled along with so many other fun events.  Tomorrow restaurants and most other business will be allowed to open at 25 percent capacity instead of just the current 12 percent.  The few that remain will be happy for those few extra crumbs from Governor Charlie Baker.  On August 1st we may finally get our lives back to normal, if Emperor Baker thinks we have behaved ourselves enough.

Data from the few states that have fully relaxed all lockdown and mask restrictions poved that none of these restrictions were helpful in the slightest and should have been done away with a long time ago.  Governor Baker should read this Breitbart article.  If he did he we would see that there is no harm in lifting restrictions immediately.  The people would benefit so greatly economically and mentally because their full freedom would be restored.

According to the CDC’s April 23 data, Michigan reported 449.2 cases of the virus per 100,000, or 44,862 total, in the last seven days. Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) Pennsylvania has reported 239.6 cases per 100,000 in the last seven days, or 30,678 total.

CDC data separates New York City from the rest of the state in its reporting of new virus case data. Even so, New York City alone has reported 208.1 new cases per 100,000 in the last seven days, or 17,475 cases total. The remainder of the state has reported 191.9 cases per 100,000, or 21,213 cases in the last seven days. Together, the state has reported 38,688 new cases in the last seven days.

All three blue states, which have mask mandates in place, are reporting a higher number of new cases per capita than both Texas and Florida, which remain open and have no mask mandates in place.

Texas reported 70.3 cases per 100,000 in the last seven days, or 20,374 total, while Florida has reported 195.5 cases per 100,000, or 41,993 total, in the same time frame.

This Mises Institute article contains very similar data.

Early last month, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced he would end the state’s mask mandate and allow most businesses to function at 100 percent capacity. The response from the corporate media and the Left was predictable. California governor Gavin Newsom declared the move “absolutely reckless.” Beto O’Rourke called the GOP a “cult of death.” Joe Biden called the move “Neanderthal thinking.”

Yet in recent weeks, these predictions about Texas’s fate have proven to be spectacularly wrong. Moreover, many of the states with the worst growth in covid cases—and the worst track records in overall death counts—have been states that have had some of the harshest lockdowns. 

In New Jersey, for example, where lockdowns have been long and harsh, case growth is nearly four times what it is in Texas. And then there are Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Maine, and New York, all of which have new case growth rates of more than double what’s going on Texas.

Moreover, Florida’s covid-19 overall outbreak has been far less deadly than those in the states that embraced lockdowns long and hard. New Jersey, for example, has the worst covid death rate in the nation at 2,838 per million as of April 20. Right behind are New York and Massachusetts with total deaths per million at 2,672 and 2,537, respectively.

Florida, on the other hand, is twenty-eighth in the nation in terms of covid deaths, at 1,608. Texas has total deaths per million at 1,721.

This Federalist Article contains a wealth of information about just how unnecessary all of the lockdowns and mask mandates were because the panic over the Coronavirus was so overblown.

These irrational fears are manufactured. They’re instilled by folks like Anthony Fauci, who said just last week that “No, it’s still not OK,” when asked whether vaccinated or unvaccinated Americans should be eating and drinking inside at restaurants and bars. Infection counts are still “disturbingly high,” he said, again fueling the fire of illogical  COVID terror.

“Even after you’re vaccinated, social distancing, wearing masks are going to be essential,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki warned in February. Meanwhile, corporations and the federal government are teaming up to make you prove you’re not unclean with a “vaccine passport” so you don’t pose an existential threat to your fellow citizens, blue-state leaders and bureaucrats are double-masking even after they’re vaccinated and saying “it is possible” we’ll still be wearing face masks in 2022, and Biden’s COVID adviser is saying the pandemic in the United States is still a “Category 5 hurricane” even after millions of Americans have been inoculated

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Doctor McCoy:: Let me take this, Jim. [to the assembled Capellans] What Maab has said is true. Our customs are different. What the Klingon has said is unimportant, and we do not hear his words. [whispered aside to Kirk & Spock] I just called the Klingon a liar.

Star Trek Friday’s Child 1967

It was a quiet day at work last night so we were let out early so there was plenty of time to watch the Biden Administration presentation to congress if I so choose.

I choose not.

The reason is plain. There is no point. If I want to watch a marionette dance on the string I’ll go to the local puppet theatre. There isn’t a word that would have come out of Joe Biden mouth that he put there himself nor any word that a person can put any faith into.

Others are perfectly free to disagree and play this game.

I decline

Today I have some free time so it’s time for another spontaneous livestream

You can watch here

Topics will include

  1. The Civil war that you don’t want (or why people don’t understand why this is a bad thing.
  2. The Cold Civil war and what it means
  3. Cui Bono from the Biden Administration
  4. Stalling stalling stalling
  5. Reaping meeting sowing on police protection for Democrat cities

It will all start around 9:40 AM EST hope to see you here