Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora. Virtual Votes not virtual viewers, Getting what you vote for, NY Vote Outrage vs Death Outrage, Woke Play by Play and Miracles

Posted: April 30, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who decided that Biden’s speech wasn’t worth their time

Virtual voters don’t show up in TV ratings

Actually had to turn down an offer to be on a radio panel the next day because I didn’t see it.

Glenn Reynolds in a NY Post article noted the difference in opinion on riots between white elites far away from the rioting and black residents of the areas where rioting took place. He ends his piece with this:

The people who have to deal with consequences will have to go somewhere else politically. And they will.

Until they do I’m not going to put a lot of credence in their critique of rioting in their neighborhoods. In a republic you get what you vote for (expect last time around nationally)

There was apparently more outrage in the media/left about NY losing a congressional seat to Texas by less than 100 people than Cuomo’s COVID policies that killed off thousands.

You would think that given NY is going to lose a congressional seat to Texas and thus an electoral vote liberals might finally get upset about Cuomo granny killing COVID policies but it must be remembered that NY will gerrymander their new district map to minimize the chances of the state’s Democrat caucus shrinking just as Texas will be sure to arrange things to make sure the new seat goes to the GOP so as far as the left is concerned while they hate the optics it’s pretty much a wash till election 2024.

I’ve religiously kept both the NBA and the NFL off my radio since they’ve been woke however lately I’ve been providing a ride home to a couple of co-workers who are sports fans an in deference to them I’ve allowed games on the radio while they’re in the car.

Because of this I had part of last night Redsox game vs the Texas Rangers on and was astounded to hear the broadcasters go on about how odd is was to see the Rangers stadium full and what a bad idea it was.

I was never so happy to turn off the radio once Sam got out of the car, because apparently the woke nonsense isn’t confined to the commissioner. On the plus side it made me feel happier about not listening to the games anymore.

DaWife was just showing me two boxes of oatmeal and noted that one has nine more carbs per serving than the other so she will now buy the one with less carbs

I opined that she should of course buy the other one because it’s a better deal as you get all those extra carbs for the same price.

The look she gave me suggested how miraculous it is that I survived long enough to be married 33 years.

  1. Bill H. says:

    My vet’s office has a staff that is all vaccinated, but still has the policy that pet owners, even if vaccinated, may not enter the exam room with their pet. Yes, they are aware of the new ruling that vaccinated people from different households may gather indoors without masks, but they do not think that is safe and are still not allowing pet owners to be present when their pets are examined, even masked, because “social distancing” cannot be practiced.”

  2. Deserttrek says:

    Regarding sports, almost 60 years a Red Sox fan, turned them off last year and told them by snail mail.
    Announcers have slipping for years.
    I can’t imagine Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubeck acting like scared children during Game of the Week