Some Data from the present and a prediction of the Future

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John Bernard Books: What good’s your assurance when my veins are filled with your damn juice?

The Shootist 1975

According to this data via the the VAERS website the COVID 19 vaccines have caused more, life threating events, more permanent disabilities and more direct deaths than all other vaccines combined since 1990.

Furthermore the number of adverse reactions to all other vaccines since 1990 is 824K vs 778k for COVID.

And of course these numbers only count stuff that has been reported and we have reason to believe that these numbers are low

If a batch of Hamburg had reported 1/10 of the side effects these virus had it would be recalled and the lawsuits would be legendary.

Eventually another administration will be in power and all of this will come out. I presume when it does (and particularly if it’s led by Donald Trump) the media & the tech companies that censor this data will suddenly discover it newsworthy and the vaccines will suddenly become the “Trump” Vaccines.

#Unexpectedly of course

Update: One argument I’ve heard from people concerning this stuff is that there have been few immediate side effects from the vaccines (and given these figures 500K adverse reactions out of 150 Mil people vaccinated in the US comes to .3% and that’s a fair point to be made and even the 7,347 deaths and 8,628 disabilities amount to only 15,975 people or .01% of the population ) so the math is still very much in your favor but there are three things I would point out.

  1. The actual odds of dying from COVID are also less than 1% for everyone except those in the highest risk ranges
  2. A person who has already had COVID would already have antibodies against the disease which would decrease these odds even further.
  3. Those figures above represent only the immediate side effects, we don’t know the long term effects that might result. Under a standard that only considers immediate effects for one year afterwards Cigarette Smoking would be consider a safe and harmless recreational activity.

This is not to say that some, indeed many may consider this an acceptable risk and I have no problem with those who have and those who choose to play these odds.

But I submit and suggest that nobody should be forced to play them

(added the John Wayne quote from the shootist)

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