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Except under the most dire circumstances nonviolent resistance to any form government tyranny and overreach is far more effective than violent engagement.  That is most definitely the case when it comes to the government imposed nightmare most of the world has been living under for the past eighteen months.  Violence should always be the absolute last resort.  Conditions in all but one nation have not been serious enough to warrant violent resistance.  The one possible exception I believe might be Australia where the Tyranny imposed by that government is now most extreme.

Noncompliance is the first step in ending the lockdowns and mandates.  Unfortunately the spirit of noncompliance has been very weak here in the United States, thanks to many decades of progressive indoctrination in all levels of American schools.  When outdoor mask mandates were instituted here in Massachusetts I simply ignored them.  Every day I did my walk without a mask and got away with it.  It was not so easy with indoor mask mandates.  In this state store owners called the police on individuals not wearing masks.  The miscreants were fined and the strore owners then trespassed them so they could not shop there again.  That is a heavy price for individuals to face alone.  The only way to fight this is organized groups entering stores without masks who, do nothing except peacefully shop.   Because of the nationwide surge in individuals testing positive for the Delta Variant, cities and states are reimposing mask mandates.  This is being met with far more resistance this time around.  I believe the time is right for these unmasking parties. All we need is for individuals in different communities to organize them and make them stick.

In last week’s article I chronicled how mass protests to Coronavirus restrictions are beginning to pop up worldwide.  For these restrictions and mandates to end once and for all here in the United States mass protests need to be organized in as many communities as possible, as often as possible.  We need to step out of our comfort zones and step up and organize these mass protests through social, media as often as possible until social media shuts us down.  Then we need to seek alternate methods to organize.

So few are stepping up and saying enough because they are living in fear, thanks to all of the propaganda being spread by the mainstream media, politicians, government agencies, social media, and so called scientific experts.  We need to flood social media with the truth about the true nature of Coronavirus, which is far less harmful to the vast majority of the population than is reported by all of the phony experts and fear mongering media.  We need to spread the truth about how ineffective mask mandates and lockdowns are in stopping the spread of any virus. I have been doing this nonstop for well over a year and so have many of my friends.  This has cost me a lot of friends on Facebook but that has not stopped me and I don’t care if I go to Facebook jail.

Organized mass protests and individuals willing to coordinate them is the key to ending these lockdowns and mandates.

The $64,000 in NY

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There is a lot of verbiage going on about the mass firing of healthcare workers in NY State and the emergency declaration by the governor to mitigate the problem she has just created, but I think this paragraph makes the best point.

One question everyone should ask themselves is why approximately 70,000 healthcare workers and an as yet unknown number of emergency services providers may walk off the job rather than get vaccinated.

Think about the personal and professional costs this decision means for these folks. When you do it screams “caution” louder than anything else I can think of .

I think the lawsuits from patients who will get substandard care to to lack of staff or unqualified staff are going to be really something.

I was a tad under the weather yesterday (yes that still happens without involving COVID) so I saw more of twitter than I normally do and there seems to be one theme that reoccurs more than I would expect at this point

surprise and shock at the actions of the left an example

It’s something I’ve been seeing off and on for days and even experienced people are expressing this

So let me say this once and for all.

Stop being surprised at the actions of the left!

Once you have a post Christian society the norms that you are used to aren’t in play. The left is basically a bunch of Marxists and for Marxists it’s ends and means and their ends are wealth, power, prestige and position at your expense.

So please stop being surprised at Marxists acting the part, that’s what they do and if we weren’t armed they’d do worse.

I’m old enough to remember….

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….when the FBI wasn’t the butt of jokes:

…when a speech like this was not considered odd:

“But to me, a politician speaking openly, I consider myself to be rather conservative. And I actually was always frank about my views. I’m a Christian. I’m a practicing Christian. I pray. I’m not ashamed of that whatsoever, and to me the value of family is priceless. I do support families. I’m pro-life. I defend life. I believe that life is sacred. I believe it should be guarded. And families have to be supported as strong as they can because family is the foundation of every nation. Everything is based on family. Therefore, the support with which we offer families for the political perspective, from my personal perspective is key importance,”

…when Australia and Australians were thought of like this….

and not this:

…when saying “only women have a cervix” was not a question that pols ran from:

…when the “New England Patriots” and “Debacle” were not used in the same sentence in the Bill Belichick era.