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Here is the current state of the online and table top baseball leagues I run and ore are in. All current leagues are 162 game seasons with one 3 game series scheduled per week If you click on a team link you can see their stats, injuries, leaders etc.

Since our last update more teams have been taken in online leagues the face to face league is deep into the playoffs and a new online draft league is forming

Postseason Key

  • Z Clinched home field throughout playoffs
  • Y Clinched Division Title
  • X Clinched Wild Card home
  • W Clinched Wild Card away
  • V Clinched Playoff spot

League one All Futility League (all teams lost 96 + games) 2nd Season. Scheduled series time Thursday Mornings. This league is nearly finished.

Teams AL Division AWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Milwaukee Brewers y9168.572—–NoN/A
1970 Chicago White Sox w8574.5356Noaway
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays7584.47216YesE
2003 Detroit Tigers59100.37132NoE
Teams AL Division BWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Kansas City Royals v9663.604_____Yesn/a
2012 Minnesota Twins v9366.5853No+8
2008 Seattle Mariners8079.50314YesE
1973 Texas Rangers6990.43427YesE
Teams AL Division CWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2009 Cleveland Indians7980.497—–NoN/A
1967 Kansas City A’s7782.4842NoE
1957 Washington Senators7386.4596NoE
2019 Baltimore Orioles7188.4478NoE

AL Leaders: Hitting:

Avg Mauer Min .353, OBP, Mauer Min .463, Slug Huff TB .600 Runs Harper .Mil 139, Hits: Harper Mil 218, 2B Ibanez Sea, 50, 3B Crowe Cle 15, SB Suzuki 54 , BB Mauer Min 118 HR Sievers Wash 46, RBI Sievers Wash 137

Pitching: Wins Hernandez Sea, 22, ERA Diamond Min 2.91, IP John Chi 274 2/3, K’s Hernandez Sea 239, Avg against Krausse KCA .208 WHIP Krause KCA 1.07 HR/9 Hyde Wash 0.27 Saves Yan TB 31

Division Winner automatically makes playoffs

Teams NL Division AWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1998 Montreal Expos Z9262.610—–YesN/A
2009 Washington Nationals v9069.5667Yes+ 3
2001 Pittsburgh Pirates 8574.53512Yes2
1998 Florida Marlins7089.44027YesE
Teams NL Division BWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2000 Philadelphia Phillies Y8076.513—–YesN/A
2012 Houston Astros7086.44910YesE
2017 San Francisco Giants7086.44910NoE
2015 Atlanta Braves6690.42314NoE
Teams NL Division CWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1982 Cincinnati Reds8967.571_____Non/a
1993 New York Mets8772.5473 1/2No_____
1974 Chicago Cubs7782.48413 1/2NoE
1993 San Diego Padres7086.44919NoE

NL Leaders Hitting:

AVG Gwynn SD .361, OBP Giles Pit .450 Slug Giles Pit .623, Runs Giles Pitt 114, Hits Gwynn SD 189 2B Gwynn SD 56, 3B Guerrero Mon 15, SB Morgan Wash 45, BB Giles Pit 101, HR Murray Mets 34, RBI Ramirez Pit 114

Pitching Wins Hermanson Mon 29, ERA Hermanson Mon 1.82, IP Soto Cin 278 1/3, K’s Soto Cin 338, Avg against Soto Cin .197 WHIP Hermanson Mon 1.00 HR/9 Berenyi Cin 0.30, Saves Urbina Mon Zamora ChC 33.

The SD Jones memorial .500 teams league is a league (all teams were no better than 2 games over .500 or no worse than 2 games under) Initial season . Games are scheduled for Tuesdays. AM

Teams AL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1993 Boston8250.621—–Non/a
1957 Baltimore6864.51514Yes+2
1973 New York (A)6468.48518Yes2
1967 Washington5973.44723Yes7
Teams AL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Detroit v8646.652—–Yesn/a
1975 Cleveland5676.42430No10
1973 Minnesota5676.42430No10
1998 Chicago (A)4686.34840No20
Teams AL WestWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Oakland7953.598—-Yesn/a
2018 Los Angeles (A)6666.50013Yes_______
2017 Kansas City6567.49214No1
2005 Toronto6369.47716Yes3

AL Leaders Batting

Avg Carew Min .344, OBP Trout LAA .436, SLUG Trout LAA .637, Runs Cabrera Det 116, Hits Carew Min 188, 2B Cabrera Det 45, 3B Durham ChW, 16, SB Carew Min 49 BB Trout LAA 100 HR Howard Wash(A) 41, RBI Cabrera Det 125


Wins Verlander Det 20, ERA Clemens Bos 2.39, IP Vernalder Det 256 2/3, K’s Blyleven Min 240, Avg against Cahill Oak .205, WHIP Darwin Bos 0.99, HR/9 Bibby Cle 0.35, Saves Valverde Det Russell Bos 27

Teams NL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1967 Pittsburgh8256.594______Non/a
2018 Washington8055.5931/2No+12
1957 Philadelphia6072.45519Yes8
1975 New York (N)5580.40725 1/2Yes14

Division winner skips wild card

Teams NL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1996 Cincinnati7263.533_____Non/a
1975 St. Louis6864.5152 1/2Yes_____
2000 Colorado7068.5073 1/2Yes2
1973 Houston5973.44711 1/2Yes9
Teams NL WestWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1975 San Francisco8250.621—–Yesn/a
2012 Arizona6765.50815Yes1
2007 Los Angeles (N)5775.43225Yes11
1982 San Diego5481.40029 1/2Yes15 1/2

NL Leaders Batting

AVG Clemente Pit .372, OBP Mitchell Cin .453, Slug Clemente Pit .604, Runs Larkin Cin 111, Hits Clemente Pit 207, 2B Cirillo Col 60, 3B Clemente Pit 21, SB Pierre LAD 69 BB Larkin Cin 100, HR Helton Col 29, RBI Helton Col 118

Pitching Wins Scherzer Wash 19, ERA Scherzer Wash 2.33, IP Scherzer Wash 262 2/3, K’s Scherzer Wash 309, Avg Against Scherzer Wash .207, WHIP Scherzer Wash 0.96, HR/9 Reed StL 0.34, Saves Face Pitt 32

3rd League All time any time Great Teams League (3rd season) Games scheduled Friday evenings. Two teams have been picked up since the last posting (oddly not the Orioles)

Teams AL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Baltimore6534.657—–Yesn/a
1993 Toronto5643.5669No+6
1961 Yankees4947.51014 1/2No1/2
1999 Boston4158.41424No9
Teams AL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Texas5643.566—–Yesn/a
1954 Cleveland5049.5056No—–
2006 Detroit4755.46110 1/2Yes4 1/2
1974 Oakland4059.40416Yes10
Teams AL OtherWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2009 New York (A)5346.535____Non/a
1977 Kansas City4848.5003 1/2No1/2
1924 Washington4260.41212 1/2No9 1/2
1967 Minnesota3960.39414Yes11

AL Leaders Batting

Avg Carew Min ,369 , OBP Olerud Tor .466, Slug Mantle NYY61 .659, Runs Jeter NYY09 87, Hits Jeter NYY09 150, 2B Olerud Tor 38, Triples Taylor Wash 16, SB Henderson Tor 54, BB Killebrew Min 79, HR Mantle NYY61 31, RBI Hamilton Tex 81

Pitching Wins Martinez Bos 15, ERA Martinez Bos 2.25, IP Johnson Wash 196 2/3, K’s Martinez Bos 285, Avg against Martinez Bos .201 WHIP Martinez Bos 0.90 HR/9 Martinez Bos .034 Saves Ward Tor 29

Teams NL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1975 Cincinnati5544.556—–NoN/A
2019 Washington Nats5148.5154Yes_____
1998 Atlanta4749.4906 1/2No2 1/2
1955 Brooklyn4554.45510Yes6
Teams NL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1957 Milwaukee5346.535_____No+2*
1985 St. Louis5346.535_____No+ 2*
1971 Pittsburgh4653.4657Yes5
2003 Cubs4455.4449Yes7
Teams NL OtherWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2016 Chicago (N)7929.707—-Non/a
1977 Philadelphia4851.48522Yes3
2001 Arizona4554.45525Yes6
2007 Colorado4254.43826 1/2Yes7 1/2

NL Leaders Batting

Avg Kendrick Wash .369, OBP Morgan Cin .464, Slug Galarraga Atl .627, Runs Morgan Cin 91, Hits Kendrick Wash 146, 2B Kendrick Wash 34, 3B McGee StL 14, SB Morgan Cin 54, BB Morgan Cin 82, HR Campanella Bkyn, Aaron Mil 27, RBI Aaron Mil 89

Pitching Wins Nolan Cin 15, ERA Tudor StL 1.80, IP Tudor StL 174 2/3, K’s Johnson Arizona 226, Avg against Tudor StL .181, WHIP Tudor StL 0.82 HR/9 Buhl Mil 0.28, Saves Chapman Cubs16 27

There will be a new Draft league starting in October beginning in the 1969 season. Each player will select a franchise and one player to protect and the rest of the players will go in the draft.

Out of a max of 24 teams available here are the teams selected with the player they choose to protect all others go into the draft. All unlisted franchises are still available franchise with a * are teams that have been picked but the confirmation email has not yet been received

Players may join up until Sept 30th or until we reach 24 teams The draft is scheduled for the 1st week of October and will last one week. Teams will draft until they have 35 players or until we run out of players to draft.

At the end of the season each team will be able to protect 4-12 players based on their finish plus new rookies (IE Bowa Phi Blyleven Minn) who don’t count toward that total, all others go into the draft, draft order for the 1970 season will be based on the finish.

This league will play twice a week 5-6 games

UPDATE: This list has been updated for several teams now taken since the post went up

Team SelectedPlayer withheld from Draft
Oakland A’sNot announced
Chicago White SoxLHSP Tommy John
Baltimore Orioles1B Boog Powell
Atlanta BravesOF Hank Aaron
Cincinnati RedsC Johnny Bench
Los Angeles DodgersRHSP Don Sutton
Montreal ExposNot Announced
New York MetsRHSP Tom Seaver
Pittsburgh PiratesOF Roberto Clemente
St Louis Cardinals RHSP Bob Gibson
San Francisco GiantsOF Bobby Bonds
New York YankeesSP Fritz Peterson
Cleveland IndiansLHSP Sam McDowell
Washington SenatorsSS Ed Brinkman
Minnesota Twins2B Rod Carew

If you are interested in this or any other league contact me in comments.

The face to face league in Fitchburg MA has finished its regular season here are the final standings

Tampa Bay Rays 4119.683—-n/a
San Francisco Giants3525.5833 1/2Bye
St. Louis Cardinals3228.5337Home
Colorado Rockies2436.40014 1/2ELIM
New York Yankees 3921.650—-n/a
Washington Nationals2833.45911 1/2Away
Seattle Mariners2734.44212ELIM
San Diego Padres1743.28321ELIM
Nationals and Mariners played a 61th game to break a tie for the final wild card spot

Here are the playoff results to date:

Wild Card Playin at St Louis

St. Louis Cardinals 8 Washington Nationals 5

Playoffs round one: best of five

Tampa Bay Rays defeat St. Louis Cardinals 3 games to 1

New York Yankees defeat defending WP champ San Francisco Giants games to one

World Series Best of seven

9/11 NYY at TB

On 9/25 at 1:30 PM at Zeda’s Pizza in Fitchburg MA our face to face draft league which first began playing in 1987 in Fitchburg Massachusetts will have it’s meeting to finalize the plans for our next season (2020) We currently have 8 teams in two divisions and would like to expand to at least nine or possibly 10. Anyone interested in joining is welcome to show up. Issues to be decided

  • Dues (currently $35 a season)
  • Number of games (currently 60 but may shrink to let us catch back up with MLB)
  • Number of weeks per month. (currently playing every other week, considering adding one extra week or more)
  • Date for draft (and / or expansion draft) and date to begin season.

New players are always welcome