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We have already started the draft (details here and here) but at 1 PM EST on Friday things start officially under the following terms:

  1. If it’s your turn to draft you are expected to make your pick within 15 minutes of the time you are notified.
  2. If you are aware that you will not be available you can submit a list to the commissioner for him to pick from:
    • Example In round 2 the Expos know they have to be somewhere between 5-7 PM They can submit a list to the comish to pick from and if the Expos turn to draft come up at that time the comish will choose the 1st name on the list that has not already been picked.
  3. If for some reason you know you can’t be available at a specific time you can defer your pick later in a round.
    • Example: The Pirates 2nd round pick is coming up and they realize they can’t be there when their time comes up and have not submitted a list. They can voluntarily defer their pick either to after a specific team or just to a later time. they will then make their pick when available that round (if not available see below)
  4. If a player has not submitted a list, or deferred their pick and they fail to make their pick they will drop a draft position so the draft can carry on.
    1. Example: In round 4 Oakland’s pick comes up, they have not submitted a list after 15 min the Met may make their 4th round pick and Oakland will pick after them. If after the Mets pick they do not submit a pick or a list after 15 min they will drop to the end of the round after the Yankees.
  5. If at the bottom of the round we still have neither a pick nor a list then one of two things will happen:
    1. If a proxy drafter is available he will make a pick for you based on who is available and what you’ve already picked
    2. If a proxy is not available you will automatically choose the best undrafted player from the franchise you have chosen at a position that you have not yet filled:
      • Example: In round four Oakland’s pick comes up and he has not submitted a list and 15 minutes passes and no proxy is available. He will pick the best available Oakland A’s still in the draft at a position he has not filled:
        • Example: If the two best A’s available by round four are Sal Bando (3B) and Rick Monday (CF) the A’s in this situation will pick Bando unless they’ve already picked a third baseman (say Brooks Robinson). If that is the case then Monday will be the pick and the draft will continue.
  6. One or more proxies may be available in the draft room. The job of the proxy is to make a pick for an unavailable player. If a player has an assigned proxy that he’s arranged to pick for him then he may make a pick for him at any time said player is not available, if he has not then a general proxy will make a pick as needed.
  7. 50 pick rule IMPORTANT Our goal is a minimum of 50 picks & or 3 complete rounds whichever is higher. Once the 50th pick of any given day or the 3rd complete round is complete then the 15 minute rule is suspended and people can pick at their leisure. This is intended to give people time to re-evaluate their teams needs and the players remaining. Of course I’d encourage anyone ready to pick to go ahead and pick. Every early pick shaves time off the draft.
  8. As soon as the final draft pick is made the rest of the undrafted players will be put back into the “available” list and will be subject to waver picks after week six, (see here)
  9. Finally remember THIS IS A GAME the goal is fun so let’s do our best to move in that direction above all.

For the past eighteen months I have been continuously amazed and sickened at how meekly people around the world have accepted the trampling of their most fundamental rights and freedoms, all in the name of fighting the Coronavirus  I have been especially disappointed and saddened at the unquestioning acceptance of outright tyranny here in the United States.  For the past year an a half I have been waiting in vain for people to rise up and say in a very loud voice enough is enough.  Until that happens I know that these restrictions and mandates will continue

Finally, just in the past week or two, people around the world are beginning to rise up and say enough.  Australia appears to be the epicenter of this world wide resistance. That does not surprise me because no nation has traveled further along the road to absolute tyranny than the land down under,  This article chronicles what is going on in the land of koala bears and kangaroos. 

An inflection point has been reached in Australia with the government COVID-19 lockdowns, forced vaccinations and now, vaccine passports. What is happening today in the state of Victoria, specifically the Melbourne metropolitan area, is an outcome of more than a year of heavy-handed government rules and regulations deaf to the voices of the average man, woman or family. There is a middle class & blue-collar backlash taking place, and Americans would be wise to pay attention.

Things recently came to a head when the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, began outlining the rules and regulations for opening society back up after almost a year of total lockdown. The always futile attempt to block the COVID-19 virus through a policy known as “COVID-ZERO” was abandoned. The new approach is to open up society and the economy by forcing everyone to take the vaccine, and then allowing only the vaccinated to participate in the economy as varying percentages of the population are double-vaxxed, and admittedly, later, booster-vaxxed.

Over the course of two days protests began, spread, and escalated into riots because the people are completely fed up with the dystopian  nightmare they have been living.

On Monday 9/20 [AU time] a large group of members of the biggest trade union in Australia, the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), went to CFMEU headquarters to confront their leadership, CFMEU Secretary John Setka.

Their demand was essentially simple – to have their voices heard and use the power of the trade union to stop the Victorian government overreach. The union members wanted their leadership to block the new vaccine mandate and stop the creation of a two-tiered society as outlined by Premier Dan Andrews.

On Tuesday 9/21 [AU time], the trade union members took to the streets in even larger numbers, now joined by blue-collar workers of all stripes who identify with the cause. Even workers who did not previously like the union members or their prior political tactics are joined in common cause over the issue of COVID-19.

The protesting ranks swelled. Tens-of-thousands of non-union workers joined with the trade union protesters in solidarity. Notice this is an interesting repeat of history when you consider Poland in the 1980s and the working class alignment to push back against the totalitarian regime of the former Soviet Union.

France has also become a hotbed of protests and riots because of the draconian nature of the restrictions and mandates instituted by President Macron.  As in Australia, vaccine passports are proving to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.   Check out this Breitbart article.

The streets of France were flooded for the ninth straight week with protesters against President Emmanuel Macron’s vaccine passport scheme, with an estimated 121,000 demonstrators marching throughout the country, including about 19,000 in Paris.

In the French capital, there were four demonstrations against the pass sanitaire (vaccine passport) on Saturday, with demonstrators chanting “Macron, your pass, we do not want it,” “Macron, resign,” and “no to dictatorship”.

Even in New York City protest have begun over vaccine mandates.

The people of Holland are just as pissed off about the mandates and restrictions as everyone else.  They are taking to the streets in protest, however, they are doing it in a truly Dutch manner.  This headline from Louder with Crowder 150K DUTCH PEOPLE PROTEST RESTRICTIONS WITH RAVE, FUNKY DANCE MOVES. MEDIA…? says it all.

O’Toole pulls a Romney Loses in Canada

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The Canadian snap election that PM Trudeau called for took place yesterday and the result was a mixed bag.

Basically Trudeau’s liberal stayed where they were with the most seats but not the majority that he was hoping for. Meanwhile conservatives who thought a bit ago that they might end up winning stayed right where they were.

“Hubris led Trudeau to call the election. He and the Liberals won the election but lost the prize they were seeking. This is only a great night for the Liberals because two weeks ago it appeared they would lose government outright something they could not fathom before they gambled on an election,” said Nelson Wiseman, a political science professor at the University of Toronto.

That seems to be the consensus story but I think the real story was much later in the piece:

O’Toole advertised himself a year ago as a “true-blue Conservative.” He became Conservative Party leader with a pledge to “take back Canada,” but immediately started working to push the party toward the political center.

O’Toole’s strategy, which included disavowing positions held dear by his party’s base on issues such as climate change, guns and balanced budgets, was designed to appeal to a broader cross section of voters in a country that tends to be far more liberal than its southern neighbor.

So let me get this straight:

The “conservative” leader after getting the nod to go after Trudeau suddenly decides to run away from his base and the issues that got him to where he was and surprise surprise he ends up losing a winnable election because he thought a bunch of liberal Canadians given the choice between an actual liberal and liberal lite decided to vote for the real thing?

And I’m sure his base was delighted at the prospect of turning out to vote for a leader who disavowed them and their positions. Cripes was Mitt Romney running his campaign?