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“First we must cross the river,” Benito was saying.  “Do you believe me now when I tell you that you must not attempt to swim it, or even get wet from it, or must you try that too?”

“What happens if I just dive in?”

“Then you will be as you were in the bottle.  Aware and unable to move.  but it will be very cold, and very uncomfortable, and you will be there for all eternity knowing that you put yourself there.

Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle Inferno 1976

Well folks, the Golden state had a chance to stop the hemorrhaging of business to other state and the exodus of the producer class.

It had a chance to at least suggest they’ve had enough of poop maps, shoplifting as a way of life and increasingly unsafe neighborhood.

It had a chance to tell the progressive left that water for people is at least as important as activist’s concerns, that the state wants to open and function and that it won’t tolerate a double standard on how COVID is treated.

It declined.

So dear people of the golden state, as your state continues to decline to a 3rd world shithole with defacto feudalism, unsafe streets, business on the ropes, rolling blackouts, water supply issues etc etc etc don’t come complaining to the rest of us.

You could have taken a step in a different direction but that would have involved admitting that liberalism is inferior to conservatism, and as liberalism is your religion you just couldn’t do it.

People in a republic usually get the government they deserve and the left is about to demonstrate that in spades.