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This year, rather than sitting on the sidelines, I decided to volunteer to help on a local conservative’s campaign. This particular candidate had a small campaign going, running against someone that hadn’t been challenged in two election cycles. I’m two months into helping him, and I’ve both knocked on quite a few doors to campaign and hosted a small fundraiser at my house.

What I’ve experienced in just this small amount of time has really surprised me.

When I started going door to door with a survey and some candidate literature, I expected to get yelled at. Given everything we hear on the news, walking around and campaigning for a conservative candidate seems like a quick way to get attacked by some nut-job left-wing whacko. But that hasn’t been my experience. Most people are pretty decent. A few have actually invited me into their homes. Nobody has swore at me, or told me I was trying to put people in chains, or anything else awful.

The second surprise is that most people I polled aren’t registered to vote. In fact, most people weren’t really following the election at all. Maybe its a Virginia-politics thing, since the governor elections are off-cycle from federal elections. When asked who people would vote for, most answered as “unsure.” Now, that might be because I’m polling them in person, and among their friends they have stronger beliefs. But I thought it was telling that there were so many people seemingly out of the loop of an election that directly affects them.

Hosting a fundraiser was a surprise disappointment. Despite having a really good candidate, I found that most conservatives are lazy. My church is significantly more traditional, yet nobody, repeat, nobody (save one family that is a close friend to mine) from my church showed up, despite our pastor encouraging it. Getting other conservatives to show up was incredibly difficult. Keep in mind this wasn’t a “300 dollar a plate” event. We had pulled pork, macaroni and steamed vegetables. More importantly, people had plenty of time to interact with the candidate and speak to him personally about what concerned them. You couldn’t find an easier way to interact with a potential politician, yet it felt like a Joe Biden press conference. Personally, it was really disappointing, and it makes me think that most conservatives are an awful lot of talk without any action.

I highly encourage people to get involved now with your local party. Talk to your city about becoming an election official, since you have to do some training and get registered. Volunteer to go door to door now, because its far less scary than you might imagine. Check that your friends are registered to vote, and not just in the federal elections. And for crying out loud, be willing to donate to candidates that have your values, especially the local candidates that control things like school boards, redistricting and local tax rates, and who are far closer to your concerns than your federal representative. Because if you don’t, the other side is going to out-compete you, and we’ll get more years of the same stupid policies.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency. Please take a minute to stop by Amazon and buy my book, “To Build A House,” available on Kindle or in paperback.

I came home from work after midnight Friday at 12:35 AM to see the Biden Administration vaccine mandate story (I see no news or net during my work hours, I highly recommend this btw) and immediately thought: The goal here is to generate a violent reaction or even an assassination attempt in order to improve the Democrat party’s poll numbers in general and Joe Biden’s poll numbers in particular. I suspect if we don’t take the bait (and we shouldn’t) you’ll see a false flag of some type.

During my 2nd break at work I’ve been reading Albert Bushnell Hart’s Essentials in American History and I literally just got to the chapter of Fort Sumter. Hart talks about the cultural differences and believes of the two sides going into the Civil War and I couldn’t help but be stuck at the parallels to today. I submit and suggest that the efforts to purge the military of conservatives by this administration has been in anticipation of using them to enforce actions against Americans. I know how that sounds but a lot of things we might have thought unbelievable just ten months ago have proved to be under the Biden Administration to be possible.

The real giveaway in the mandate to companies & to Federal Workers is the exemption of the Postal Service from said mandates. If this was a public health crisis you would not exempt a group of people who have daily contact which the American public to a greater degree than any other group.

Of course the day Kamala Harris declared to the world that she would not take any “Trump Vaccine” was the final nail in the coffin of a non-politized national health policy. On the day when we face a disease that kills like Smallpox or Ebola the price of this will be paid.

Update: A Biden admin official now says the postal service IS included in the mandate via OSHA not via the EO.

I’m curious to see what actually happens

Something I think is worth stressing. I think it’s fairly well established that at least in the short term the various Vaccines (or as I would more accurately call them “COVID SHOTS” as they are more like flu shots than actual vaccines) are safe and effective. If they were not given that there are about 100 million or more Americans who have taken them we would be seeing millions of people with bad side effects instead of thousands.

That being said it’s also well established that:

  1. The survival rates of COVID are extremely high
  2. The vast majority of COVID patients who are not in high risk groups will not die from this virus
  3. The vaccine does not confer an immunity from either getting or spreading COVID

Furthermore we do not know the long term affects of said vaccine and that if you’ve already had COVID and fought it off your own immune system will already have the antibodies to keep it away, in fact the whole point of any vaccine is to produce antibodies that your system is not.

Given these facts it is perfectly reasonable for people to choose to get the vaccine if they are

  1. In an at risk or high risk group
  2. Feel safer getting the vaccine
  3. decide the cost benefit ratio favors getting the vaccine

And it is perfectly reasonable for people to choose not to get the vaccine if

  1. They are not in a high risk group
  2. Are more vulnerable to the known side effects
  3. Decide the cost benefit ratio favors not getting the vaccine
  4. Want to wait a few more years as the knowledge of and thus the Science will improve

The very fact we even have any type of shot available is a triumph that is worth celebrating and if the powers that be hadn’t turn COVID in general and this Vaccine in particular into a political football people would be making would be making good choices based on these considerations and celebrated for it.

Finally Is it safe to say that we have now established that while there will in fact be a day when Tom Brady is unable to perform at the level of an elite quarterback in the NFL that barring injury said day will not come this season.