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Covering the cop shop

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By Christopher Harper

Over the past few years, my students’ attitude toward the police have changed dramatically. Even though a few of the students still profess some trust in cops, the vast majority have a distinctly hostile attitude, primarily based on recent reports about brutality rather than first-hand experiences.

“It doesn’t take much to see the absolute racial injustice with the police, so, if I were to cover a story with the cops, calling out that racial injustice might seem biased because I would be highlighting the negative, but it really is just shining some light on the cruelty and brutality that has been caused by the police,” one Black woman wrote on the class discussion board. 

A white woman responded: “I hear a lot about the ‘bad apples’ metaphor or people stating that there are good cops. My question is, if there are these good apples, what’s eventually going to happen to them when they are hanging around the bad apples? You turn into the people you surround yourself with. Again, the whole system is corrupt. There are no good cops in a racist system.”

Interestingly, a Black woman from an affluent neighborhood was one of a few students who defended the police. “My attitude towards cops is respectful. In general….I think highly of police because they have made it their purpose in life to protect others and to uphold the law. I know that at the end of the day if I am in trouble, I am calling 911 to help me.” 

Not only is it troubling that many of my students don’t respect the police, but somehow the budding journalists think they can get past their biases if they had to report about crime. Nearly all of the students think they should be fair and balanced in their reporting except when it comes to the police.

One woman justified her bias. “I would be reporting on police-adjacent topics through the lens of historically documented racism, corruption, and hyper-toxic masculinity,” she wrote. 

Historically, cops and journalists haven’t mixed well together. Cops don’t trust reporters to get the story right; journalists think the police try to cover stuff up. 

Now, however, a new chasm has occurred—one that I have been unable to bridge despite my best efforts. In the past, I’d bring in a police officer to talk to the class. But few students no longer want to listen.

We now have 15 teams (not counting myself) taken for the 1969 Draft league. Here are the teams taken listed with the player they have decided to protect in the draft:

Team SelectedDraft Dice RollPlayer withheld from DraftComments
Oakland A’s465OF Reggie JacksonLots of good choices but Reggieball it is
Chicago White Sox662
LHSP Tommy JohnA good long term choice which
means Melton & Aparicio are available
Baltimore Orioles6911B Boog PowellBoog is good but I really expected one
Of the Robinson boys or Palmer
Atlanta Braves432OF Hank AaronAaron is an obvious pick but that means
Phil Niekro will go in the 1st round
Cincinnati Reds238
C Johnny BenchAnother team with too many good choices
Rose and Perez come immediately to mind
Los Angeles Dodgers840RHSP Don SuttonThe Dodgers didn’t have a lot of Wow
to pick from but Sutton is good
Montreal Expos742
OF Rusty StaubLe Grande Orange was the obvious choice
New York Mets611RHSP Tom SeaverHard to pass up Koosman, McGraw & Ryan
but not if the alternative is Tom Terrific
Pittsburgh Pirates396OF Roberto Clemente1st to 3rd on a single to right vs Pittsburgh
will be an adventure.
St Louis Cardinals139RHSP Bob GibsonAgain a lot of good choices but how does
one pass on Gibson?
San Francisco Giants820OF Bobby BondsMcCovey had a big year & Mays is
still Mays but Bonds was really something
New York Yankees891SP Fritz PetersonWould have never guessed this pick in
a million years
Cleveland Indians823LHSP Sam McDowellSudden Sam is still at his peak and will
make others miserable every 5th day
Washington Senators406SS Ed BrinkmanBrinkman is no Frank Howard but he’s a
solid defensive SS & hit a little in 69
Minnesota Twins0362B Rod CarewIt would take a Rod Carew to make anyone
Pass on Harmon Killebrew
Seattle Pilots6813B Tommy HarperHarper is likely the only player on the Pilots
that might go anywhere in the 1st 5 rounds

I took the Seattle Pilots on a temp basis to allow me to access the system but I’d really like the RedSox but I’ll hold off to allow any new player to get them. If I keep the Pilots my guy will be Tommy Harper who is the best of the lot but that means that Brooks is off my draft table

16 is a perfect number for scheduling but if you want in feel free to jump in and we’ll shoot for 20

If I go into some restaurants in some places they will demand I prove that I am vaccinated but if I go to the same place and insist I am a woman they won’t dare question it.

This weekend Pope Francis encouraged people to encounter Christ in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. My first thought was “How nice it is that Francis is saying something Catholic” but as I considered it further it was even better because it highlighted one of the few advantages of his papacy.

There are more than a few people who pay attention to Francis because he is at best, not kind and at worst antagonistic to the faithful. If Francis’ suggested gets any of them into Eucharistic Adoration it’s a big gain.

Let Francis get them into the door and I have faith Christ can do the rest.

Given the new information that Joe Biden’s Administration apparently killed a family that had nothing to do with the attack to look tough at the bombing in Afghanistan this tweet of mine after his Administration claimed to have hit an ISIS terrorist planner is looking pretty good.

My degree of shock at this deception is underwhelming.

Ben Stein has been banned from youtube for a week for questioning the upcoming vaccine mandate. He wrote a piece on the subject titled: I See Free Speech Disappearing Before Our Very Eyes.

He is of course correct but I’ve got to tell you, every move of censorship is an opportunity for some businessman with balls to move forward to fill the void left by big tech censors.

For those who say it’s not possible I have three letters A-O-L

Finally yesterday I went to Eucharistic Adoration and as I was getting ready to leave saw an eldely friend of my mother that I had not seen since COVID struck.

It did my heart good to see her and we talked a bit before I had to leave but the real funny thing is this.

I’ve 58 years old, I’m married 33 years, I’m old and I’m balding, but this lady still give me $5 every time she sees me and tells me to get my wife Ice Cream.