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I’m near the point of starting the 1969 season draft league, 16 teams are raring to go. Finished the schedule a few minutes ago and for the sake of the players here are some rules that you will want to know before we start.

The Draft:

The draft will consist of each team picking in turn a single player from the players in the draft pool. When each team has picked that will be considered a “round”

In our initial season the draft will consist of 34 rounds or until at the start of a round there are less players to be drafted then teams in the draft.

In subsequent seasons the draft will consist of as many rounds as needed to fill a 35 man roster on all teams or until there are no more players to draft.

In the initial season draft order will be determined by a dice roll 000-999 999 being high. Teams will draft in descending order. Highest roll drafting first.

In subsequent seasons draft order will depend on a team’s finish. The world series winner will draft last followed by the runner up, followed by the playoff teams based on deep they get in the playoffs & their record. followed by the rest of the league based on record. if there is a tie in a record a die roll will break it.

A team may trade any of their first five picks to another team up until the trade deadline., A team that holds another teams draft pick will make that pick based on said team’s finish.

Only picks for the next upcoming season are tradable. IE :Washington can’t trade their 1970 & 1973 draft picks for Rod Carew, but if they acquired Cincy’s 1st round pick for 1970 they could trade both of those for Rod.

I will post draft choices at my blog and update the post as players are picked thus the rosters will be out there. Once a team has picked I will notify the next team to prepare to pick.

I strongly suggest everyone start examine the 1969 cards, maybe play a series or two to become familiar with them.


If there are any players still available after the draft said players will be the wavers pool.

Teams will be able to make Wavers picks starting in week 6. Wavers will end at the time of the September Callups

To make a pick a team must have room on its 35 man roster. If such room doesn’t exist a team must wave a player to make room for a potential pick.

Players on the DL do not count toward that 35 man roster.

If a team is already at 35 players when a player on the DL become eligible to be activated from the DL players the team must release a player to make room, said player will be eligible to be picked from wavers the following week.

Only one wavers pick allowed per week.


EARLY WAIVERS:  Regular waivers begins week 6 of the season under the written rules but teams may qualify for “early waivers”.  A team qualifies for early waivers by forgoing the rest of their remaining draft picks under the following schedule:

  • A team that forgoes all draft picks from round 30 on qualifies for early waivers after their first series
  • A team that forgoes all draft picks from round 31 on (4 picks) qualifies for early waivers after week 1 (2 series) 
  • A team that forgoes all draft picks from round 32 on (3 picks) qualifies for early waiver after week 2 (4 series)
  • A team that forgoes all draft picks from round 33 on (2 picks) qualifies for early waivers after week 3 (6 series)
  • A team that forgoes it’s final draft pick (round 34) qualifies for early waivers after week 4 (8 series)

Any team that picks through round 34 does not qualify for early waiver ad must wait till after week 5 to qualify for waivers picks

The order for early waivers shall be based on the record of the teams that qualify, ties will be broken based on draft order

Example Stl & Bal both qualify for early waivers after their 1st series and both have records of 1-2  because in round 30 StL was scheduled to pick  before balt StL would pick first in early waivers that week.  However if both have 3-3 records after week one Baltimore would pick ahead of them in early waivers that week because in week 31 Baltimore would have picked first

Because teams in early waivers will have rosters below 35 men they will not have to release any players from their roster when making waivers picks


After week 5 Trading will be allowed until the Trade deadline which will be the time of the September callups.

A player may trade either a player on his current 35 man roster or any of his first 5 draft picks for the following season, or any draft picks he has previously acquired to any other team.

A team that acquires a number of player that would put his roster over 35 must release sufficient players to make the 35 man roster.

Because of the nature of the game a “trade rationale” must be submitted along with the trade to the office of the commissioner and said trade must be approved. For example a team that is out of it might trade a star for draft picks for the following season or for a player who has a poor card this year but will have a good one next year, or contrarywise a player might give up someone who will have a strong card in 70 if they need a bat or pitcher to put them over the top.

Remember a trade is not completed until the Comish moves the player in the system from one team to the other.

If you are planning to leave this league please don’t do the whole fire sale thing as it will make it difficult for the person who takes your team over.

The DL

Players on the DL may not be traded or released until they come off the DL

If a team has players on the DL on the last day of the season that team said players will, after the final game of the season immediately count toward the 35 man roster and said team must immediately release sufficient players to get down to 35.


Real life always takes precedence over games and on occasion players will miss games or might be in a situation where they have to leave the league either temporarily or permanently

If a player is unable to play a series at the allotted date and time he is encouraged to contact his opponent & reschedule. If it is not possible to reschedule said player should put his team on auto for that series so his opponent can get the games in so as not to force an autoplay with the system taking both teams.

If gametime comes and your opponent is not there you are encouraged to give him 5 or 10 minutes to show up. If he does not show up or contact you by the 2nd 5 min wait period it is acceptable for you to being play

If due to illness or some other cause a player has to leave the league for a few weeks he is encouraged to find a replacement player to take over on a temp basis, if that is not possible he should put the team on autoplay until such time as he recovers.

If a player has to permanently leave the league and does not provide a replacement his team will go on autoplay and I will attempt to find a replacement manager.

Expansion Draft (4 team minimum)

Players who inquire about the league during the season will be put on a wait list and be considered 1st in line to take any team if someone quits. If at the end of any season or up to two weeks before a draft we have 4 players waiting to join then we will allow an expansion draft to let then in before draft day.

Any expansion draft will be based on the 35 man rosters before teams name their protected players. New rookies for the upcoming season are not included in any expansion draft. Each expansion team may draft 8 players as a base.

Teams are able to protect 5 players from their 35 man roster. Once a team picks a player from their team an additional five players may be protected. If a 2nd player is taken an additional 10 players may be protected. Once a 3rd player is taken no further players may be drafted from said team.

In addition to the expansion draft. Once the protected rosters are released the expansion teams may each take an additional player from the draft pool whose card is from their franchise. IE if the Boston Redsox are an expansion draft team and Bill Lee is available in the draft the Sox may pick him as their protected player before the regular draft begins. If no player from their roster is in the draft then they are out of luck.

If I think of anything I forgot I’ll put it here.