1969 League Draft 1 PM EST Friday Rules

Posted: September 23, 2021 by datechguy in dynasty baseball, gaming, online gaming

We have already started the draft (details here and here) but at 1 PM EST on Friday things start officially under the following terms:

  1. If it’s your turn to draft you are expected to make your pick within 15 minutes of the time you are notified.
  2. If you are aware that you will not be available you can submit a list to the commissioner for him to pick from:
    • Example In round 2 the Expos know they have to be somewhere between 5-7 PM They can submit a list to the comish to pick from and if the Expos turn to draft come up at that time the comish will choose the 1st name on the list that has not already been picked.
  3. If for some reason you know you can’t be available at a specific time you can defer your pick later in a round.
    • Example: The Pirates 2nd round pick is coming up and they realize they can’t be there when their time comes up and have not submitted a list. They can voluntarily defer their pick either to after a specific team or just to a later time. they will then make their pick when available that round (if not available see below)
  4. If a player has not submitted a list, or deferred their pick and they fail to make their pick they will drop a draft position so the draft can carry on.
    1. Example: In round 4 Oakland’s pick comes up, they have not submitted a list after 15 min the Met may make their 4th round pick and Oakland will pick after them. If after the Mets pick they do not submit a pick or a list after 15 min they will drop to the end of the round after the Yankees.
  5. If at the bottom of the round we still have neither a pick nor a list then one of two things will happen:
    1. If a proxy drafter is available he will make a pick for you based on who is available and what you’ve already picked
    2. If a proxy is not available you will automatically choose the best undrafted player from the franchise you have chosen at a position that you have not yet filled:
      • Example: In round four Oakland’s pick comes up and he has not submitted a list and 15 minutes passes and no proxy is available. He will pick the best available Oakland A’s still in the draft at a position he has not filled:
        • Example: If the two best A’s available by round four are Sal Bando (3B) and Rick Monday (CF) the A’s in this situation will pick Bando unless they’ve already picked a third baseman (say Brooks Robinson). If that is the case then Monday will be the pick and the draft will continue.
  6. One or more proxies may be available in the draft room. The job of the proxy is to make a pick for an unavailable player. If a player has an assigned proxy that he’s arranged to pick for him then he may make a pick for him at any time said player is not available, if he has not then a general proxy will make a pick as needed.
  7. 50 pick rule IMPORTANT Our goal is a minimum of 50 picks & or 3 complete rounds whichever is higher. Once the 50th pick of any given day or the 3rd complete round is complete then the 15 minute rule is suspended and people can pick at their leisure. This is intended to give people time to re-evaluate their teams needs and the players remaining. Of course I’d encourage anyone ready to pick to go ahead and pick. Every early pick shaves time off the draft.
  8. As soon as the final draft pick is made the rest of the undrafted players will be put back into the “available” list and will be subject to waver picks after week six, (see here)
  9. Finally remember THIS IS A GAME the goal is fun so let’s do our best to move in that direction above all.

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