Draft Day Thoughts Under the Fedora Cam Can? AOC present, Durham surprise, Babylon Bee nails me and another one on the list

Posted: September 24, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Will have no time for news today as from 10 AM till about midnight I’ll be running the draft in my Pursue the Pennant 1969 draft league so here are some random thoughts on random things:

Sports: Was it just a month ago that there were a ton of people arguing that Cam Newton should be the starting QB for the Patriots? It has now been three weeks and two games into the season and not a single team decided that he was good enough to sign. That speaks volumes.

It’s been suggested that AOC’s vote of “present” on funding Israel’s defensive Iron Dome is a sign that she is running for the Senate in NY vs Chuck Schumer. I think it’s actually more likely that Nancy Pelosi wanted as few votes against from Democrats as possible since there is no way that AOC is going to convince any voter who favors Israel that she is in their corner, particularly over Chuckie Schumer.

I was very surprised that John Durham actually produced an indictment in his investigation. I presumed it would just be a report. The real question to me is will there be any more such indictments?

Yesterday because of the draft I had my laptop with me at work for my lunch break and I made the mistake of reading this from the Babylon Bee while I was drinking:

That the Biden administration is allowing yet another false narrative to take root would surprise me if their entire power was not based on false narratives.

Finally I found myself playing with another Atheist on twitter yesterday who assumes all people who believe in God are simple minded. The only thing more laughable than the weakness of his arguments is his casual dismissal of some of the finest minds in history or any mind from the past might actually have insight that he does not.

I’ve added him to my prayer list with the memory that at one time C. S. Lewis was an unbeliever as well. After all he has his whole life to figure it out and who’ll pray for him if I don’t?

  1. The Dark Lord says:

    I’m a lifelong atheist and it stuns me the level of vitriol many atheists have towards believers … never happy to agree to disagree they seem hell bent on getting to believers to admit an error …
    Seems to me that the rational science believers and the believers in God end up with the same answer when asked the ultimate questions … Where did God come from ? and where did the matter for the Big Bang come from ? the answer seems to be the same “It was always there”, bingo both have to have faith in something unknowable …

  2. Bill H. says:

    If I knew where God came from, I would be God.

  3. Pod Hamp says:

    My wife and I are currently watching “After Life”, a series on Netflix starring Ricky Gervais. It is sort of a combination of “Ghost town” and “The Office”, except being on Netflix it is full of f-bombs and other profanity. Ricky is an atheist in real life and so is the character he plays. His character has a running argument with a woman coworker on the existence of God. Since Ricky is also writer and director, you can probably guess how the arguments go. Full of all the cliches. Sort of mars what is otherwise a decent series.