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Cui Bono Black America

Posted: October 3, 2021 by datechguy in culture
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Friday I talked about how I Stacy McCain & I both look at our situations in terms of our grandparents and consider just how lucky we are. Yesterday I applied this to black America and noted that not only is black America lucky, but the progress of Blacks in America from slavery, and having nothing to a group with political, cultural power not to mention wealth to the point that it’s the ultimate victory over those who sold their ancestors into slavery as their descendants would be anything to have the US citizenship and the advantages they now possess.

This triumph which is the greatest of its type in the history of the world however is not celebrated as it rightly should be in the black community and instead black America is routinely told how oppressed they are in a state so racist and so hostile that they are slated to lose before they even begin.

The question becomes, why would people sell a message of racism and destined failure rather than a history of success over odds to their culture in general and their children in particular?

Why would they present America as a racist desert for blacks while at the same time tens of thousands of blacks are fleeing the oldest black republic in the history of the world and are currently living under a bridge in Texas in their quest to become part of this nation that activists say will oppress them.

So the question I ask black America in general and Black Americans in particular is.

Cui Bono?

Who benefits from keeping you in fear, who benefits from selling you a message of despair and disillusionment? Who benefits from the hate crime hoaxes and the false perceptions of of thousands of unarmed blacks shot annually by police nationwide increasing the stat by a factor of 100 or 1000?

Who is getting rich and comfortable by selling you this bill of goods?

I submit and suggest that once you start asking and answering that question will break those who wish to keep you in peonage for their own benefit. And that truth will set you free.