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I was just thinking…

Posted: October 15, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

…if global warming climate change is an actual crisis why is the government flying people to Scotland for a conference instead of attending by teleconference? Or it is like BLM protest/riots don’t spread COVID flights of bureaucrats don’t have carbon emissions?

…if the Joe Biden administration actually wants to impose vaccine mandates why hasn’t the government actually come out and attempted to impose them? Could it be that the plan to get as many private business to cave as possible so that come election time the press can “fact check” any claim of a Biden Administration vaccine mandate as false?

…if the California law that make shoplifting under $1000 a misdemeanor is statewide what makes Walgreens, CVS et/all think that the folks who are stripping their stores bare in San Francisco won’t just start raiding Walgreens CVS et/al in other cities nearby?

…the only way anyone is going to out geek Jeff Bezos space program sending William Shatner into space will be if someone invents a time machine and takes Tom Baker for a spin. None of those people whining about Shatner going into space will be remembered 100 years from now but I suspect once we are regularly going into space more than one Capitan will have a picture of Shatner on his wall.

…if at the height of the Trump boom an enemy of the United States managed to replace him in order to bring us down as a nation can you think of anything that he would have done differently than the Biden Administration? Elections aren’t stolen for the purpose of serving the general public.