Omar’s Has Learned the Lesson of Harry Reid

Posted: February 17, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

A long time ago before anyone ever thought of a Truck Convoy in Canada to protect people’s rights a Senator by the name of Harry Reid decided to break the norms of the institution for short term political gain. When it happened Mitch McConnell gave him this warning:

Those word proved prophetic as the GOP responded in kind that Donald Trump put three justices on the Supreme Court and Mitch McConnell pushed through judges at a record pace.

In other words Democrats didn’t realize that the power which they craved to push their agenda might be used against them, and paid the price.

And that brings us to this tweet by congresswoman Illan Omar concerning the tactics being used by journalists against donors to the Canadian Trucker Convoy:

As a member of the squad her embrace of a reasonable position on personal liberty caused a lot of surprise on the right and suggests the analogy of a broken clock being right twice a day.

Me I think it’s something completely different.

Ilhan Omar has proven to be a good friend and protector of both radical Islam and some of the more violent movements we have seen lately in this country. She understands that there are plenty of people in the US and around the world who are fellow travelers in that circle who provide comfort and support for what she and her allies are doing.

What would happen if suddenly the light of day was shined on those who have been financing it? Both on a grand level and on a smaller one? I suspect it would not go well for them.

Freedom of association is a basic freedom and people should support it but my money says Omar is a lot less interested in supporting that basic freedom then she is in making sure that abuses against that freedom are not used against those who have supported and abetted her allies. She may not give a damn about those Canadian Truckers or their friends but I’ll bet she sure doesn’t want a precedent that will be used against her.

I suspect she’s learned the lesson of Harry Reid’s foolishness well.

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