OK Kids Who Wants to Be Drafted First?

Posted: March 5, 2022 by datechguy in war

We are being bombarded with messages to support Ukraine as they defend themselves from a Russian invention. We’re seeing as I noted collectives punishment put on Russians, people censored for supporting Russia and polls showing Americans are supporting arming Ukraine across the board.

Ukraine’s president will be speaking the the US senate by Zoom to lobby for more aid, a no fly zone and NATO membership. All of this is of course his prerogative and makes a whole lot of sense. If my country was being attacked I’d be going all out to get support from anyone and everyone who will listen and might give help.

But let’s get down to reality, while Ukraine is putting up a good fight the only way to beat a mobilized army is with another mobilized army. Ukrainians might be able to conduct a pretty solid patrician war if it falls and it might be able to hold out until the cost for Putin to achieve his war objectives is too high to keep fighting but without troops the chances of the Ukraine actually defeating Russia are below slim.

And that brings us to the headline above.

There is one indisputable fact concerning American war-making since the mid 70’s. It’s done by an increasingly smaller portion of our population. The all volunteer army means that in some areas, particularly liberal ones you are not going to find a whole lot of people who know soldiers or military families. That slice of our population that chooses to be boots on the ground has become i smaller and furthermore this administration and the Obama administration before it has fought a cultural war against those who choose to serve.

So what happens when you have a decreasing base of soldiers and the pressure on your country increases for military action?

Two words: A Draft!

All of these moves seem practically designed to foster a new draft on the youth of America The problem is that unlike the days of World War 2 and Korea parents generally don’t have all that <a href="http://<a href='https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/USA/united-states/fertility-rate'>Sourcemany kids to draft:

Source http://www.Macrotrends.net

Conscription was not all that popular when the average woman (and I’m talking actual women not mentally ill folks who think they are) was having three or more children when parents are having one, maybe two even less and that was before people started making pitches for us to go save Ukraine from Russia.

What’s even funnier is the prospect of drafting teen and twenty somethings who are being taught to need safe spaces from microaggressions. It’s one thing for such youth trained in narcissism and virtue signaling to put a virtue signaling Ukrainian flag on their social media accounts. It’s quite another to teach such snowflakes to fight.

Yet all the signs and all the moves of the left keep pointing in this direction.

So before you ask me why I don’t have a Ukrainian flag or my twitter or why I’m not calling for a no-fly zone or NATO membership for Ukraine let me ask one simple question.

Who’s ready to sign up to fight?

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    Boy, that brings back some memories. Going down to the Federal building when I turned 18 to register for Selective Service. Watching the draft lottery on TV to see where my birthdate fell. Turns out that I was a few years too young to be involved in Vietnam, but at the time no one knew how long it would last. I sure don’t want my grandkids to experience that. I wonder what ever happened to that old draft card?

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  3. JB says:

    When America becomes a third-world nation because of mass immigration it will no longer be a military superpower, anymore than Brazil is. It depends right now on minority (and stupid) white men volunteering to fight (for a nation that hates them), a situation that can’t continue forever. This is the not-so-long-term strategic reality that renders all other considerations secondary.

    As for the draft, you’d have to draft everyone including women, real or not. Since the military only has alleged “shortfalls” of a few tens of thousands of people, and a fair draft would bring in hundreds of thousands or more, they’d have to distribute the rest to “public service” organizations, all at crippling cost. Then you’d have the situation of who gets sent to get their legs blown off and who gets sent to work in some civilian job in Omaha. Is it politically feasible to send only men to the military, or won’t the woke overlords demand that half those sent to the military be women (a vast waste of commodities)? Will it insist those women go into combat? And when all those brown bodies start coming home in olive drab body bags the system is going to melt down. (Nobody cares about the dead white men who made up 85% of those killed in Afghanistan and Iraq) We have a mercenary army today because the ruling trash can use them without much public input or backlash. A draftee army would limit their options at playing warlord and world sheriff. It’s a non-starter all the way around.