Today I get an actual “Vaccine” as opposed to the COVID Flu Shot

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Jean LaFitte: If your offers’ good it will stand up under fire.

The Buccaneer 1958

Two weeks ago I had a physical and to the shock of my wife who thought my bloodwork was going to show disaster things are pretty much where they were. I’m fatter than my doctor would like and I’ve got some cholesterol and some sugar but not enough to warrant drugs. My doctor remains pleased that I no longer work behind a desk or am the boss as I had been in previous jobs and continue to have to walk and climb ladders in a warehouse. Apparently the lack of promotion for the guy who doesn’t speak Spanish has unexpected health dividends (and spiritual ones too since the lack of having to constantly solve problems or make decisions leaves plenty of time for prayer as I walk and climb but I digress…). Given how pleased my wife was with the results it may be worth it.

Now that I’m getting very close to sixty my doctor did recommend was the new Shingles vaccine, which unlike the old one with one booster provides lifetime protection from this very painful disease. One in ten people get some painful side effects the next day but that’s a small risk for never getting singles again. In fact by the time you’re reading this I will be getting the shot.

My doctor also asked me if I wanted the COVID shot as he noted I never got it. I declined explaining

  1. I already had COVID so I had the antibodies.
  2. The side effects of the Vaccine tend to affect the heart and my family has a history of heart problems
  3. While the risk from the vaccine is small so is the risk from COVID and since you can still get COVID and even die with the vaccine (As my brother demonstrated) why take both risks when I can settle for one?

My doctor didn’t make any fuss concerning it and we went on from there.

And THAT ladies and gentlemen is the difference between what the left calls “anti-vax” and actual reality.

I’m very happy to take a vaccine that provides permanent protection from a painful disease and that has gone though the normal clinical trials and procedures and whose side effects are nominal.

To take a so called “vaccine” that doesn’t provide permanent protection from a disease for which the risk is minimal which has bypassed the normal safeguards and whose side effects can be fatal, particularly to someone like me.

The reality is the COVID Vaccine is pretty much a glorified flu shot. Now there is nothing wrong with having such a shot available and if after weighing the risks and rewards you decide it’s the right choice for you, that’s fine as it’s good to have options, but I submit and suggest that we would all be better off if that was how it was sold rather than redefining what a “vaccine” is and putting people at risk for their careers and livelihoods’ to force it upon folks. In fact if it was as “safe” and “effective” as they said such heavy handed methods, lotteries and mass censorship of opposing views would not have been necessary because their claims would be able to stand up under fire.

If people on the left, or people on social media have a problem with that, I really don’t give a damn.

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