Some “Why?” ‘s Under the Fedora

Posted: March 17, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Given the media’s inability to tell the truth concerning the last administration and COVID combined with their rejection of a religion that considers false witness a sin why would anybody trust the media’s line concerning Ukraine?

Given that NATO is a defensive alliance why are people implying that if Poland, which has a legitimate interest in stopping Russia where it is, chooses to get involved of its own free will that NATO in general and we in particular must join in if they do?

Given that the owners and players managed to get everything done just in time to start the season why on earth did they bother with a lockout which only built up bad blood between them and the fans?

Given that San Francisco can’t keep their own streets clean and safe and their citizen protected why would any city or state care if the city decides to boycott them in lieu of solving their own myriad problems?

Given yet another revelation concerning fraud and BLM (this time in Boston) why is anyone still pretending this is anything other than a griff?

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