Bye, bye, Philly!

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By Christopher Harper

Philadelphia lost more than 25,000 residents from 2020 to 2021, the largest exodus from the city since 1975.

While politicians and social scientists scratch their heads over the decline, I find it appalling that it took a pandemic for people to realize how bad Philadelphia has become.

Democrat Mayor Jim Kinney locked the city for nearly two years, bankrupting businesses both small and large. Hospitals became almost solely the home for those dying of COVID while many patients couldn’t get essential surgeries, which meant more people died last year in the city than were born.

He actually hired a police chief named Outlaw—Danielle Outlaw. She has managed to oversee the largest number of officers retiring from the force because she doesn’t have their backs.

The city elected Larry Krasner, a card-carrying member of George Soros’s leftist vision, as district attorney.

As a result of this triumvirate, more people have been murdered in Philadelphia so far this year than last year, which ended with a record 562 homicides.

My wife and I joined the exodus a year ago after Black Lives Matter demonstrators frolicked through our neighborhood, forcing affluent businesses in our upscale neighborhood to erect plywood and extra security to confront the threat of theft and damage.

In a neck-snapping analysis in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the news organization determined that the flight was caused by several factors: a desire to flee crowded urban centers, a movement of young people back to their parent’s homes, and a need for more green space.

It’s clear that the news organization hadn’t paid attention to its own reporting. People were afraid to go out on the streets for fear they would be mugged or murdered.

After a high-profile murder near Temple University, parents hired private protection for their kiddies because they thought the university police force, the second largest in the state, couldn’t keep their loved ones safe.

Philadelphia is not alone. New York lost nearly 400,000 residents. Los Angeles saw more than 200,000 people leave. Washington stood at a net loss of more than 60,000.

What do these cities all have in common? Democrats run them!

  1. John Whitaker says:

    Right to the point.
    Thanks Chris

  2. Pod Hamp says:

    I fully support people leaving large cities for smaller ones. But it really sucks to be essentially driven from a city by crime and decay. People invest their lives, money, an emotions into a place and it really hurts to have that taken away by evil, clueless politicians who suffer no consequences at all. Luckily, the city I live in has not yet suffered similarly, although it is nowhere near as nice as it was when I moved here in the mid 70s.

  3. dave in pa. says:

    left there over 4 years ago, it gotten so bad you had to stand guard over your car as you unloaded anything you brought home. and the cops, well. they where for the most part just trying to make it thru the shift without a problem= do not count on their help!
    small stores had plastic barriers over everything worth over 5 bucks. and if you where near any schools, you had to deal with the damn kids doing all sorts of shit as they passed by.
    trash is everywhere, they have no idea what a trash can is for.. when they done with anything, they just drop it where ever they are. really, food wrapper, bottles, cans anything.
    it is a damn shame too, it once was a nice city too at one time.
    LBJ started the changes, once the projects went up, life started going downhill.
    other than the hospitals and schools there, there are no jobs really. everyone of the companies have left a long time ago.