Why the GOP Should Destroy the left in 2022 or the Cost of a Stolen Election explained in two Biscuits

Posted: May 4, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized
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When Donald Trump was President and the GOP ruled the roost I was able to go to my favorite restaurant and get one of my favorite things on special for $5.

Monday I drove though McDonalds to grab a pair of cheap Sausage Biscuits and a drink. To my surprise Sausage Biscuits had overnight gone from $1.39 to 1.89 bringing the price of my meal with tax was over $5 which beats the price of the special I used to get just a few years ago.

The same pair of biscuits and drink with tax was $3.20 when Donald Trump left office.

The elites who live off the Biden Administration left graft can’t imagine a McDonald’s breakfast so such things mean nothing to them but to the working public that’s huge.

Oh as for my favorite restaurant, they no longer have such specials, they’ve cut their hours eliminating lunch so I rarely get there anymore not that it matters as the prices have gone so high that I couldn’t afford to eat there regularly anyways

This is the price of a stolen election that ordinary people are paying every single day.

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