Two Happy Endings in One Day

Posted: May 21, 2022 by datechguy in American Success Stories, culture, education
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You might recall a while back I did an interview with a young woman from Iraq who told me her story of live there, fleeing the country and coming to America and what it meant to her.

Yesterday I attended her college graduation in Worcester. Her class was a cacophony of people, a majority were woman and people of color

Now bad for a land of inequality and oppression eh? Of course I suspect if you tried to make that argument to Hanna she wouldn’t buy it.

From refugee in fear of her life and oppressed because of her sex and religion to college grad in the US.

Here is the base interview from 2018

Her graduation is not a bad ending for that story but of course the story of this young lady is just beginning.

Postscript: Speaking of happy ending when I got home from the Graduation guess what I found at my house:

Happy Birthday to Me

Maybe that’s why DaWife wanted me out of the house on my Birthday. So two happy endings in one day!

  1. jd says:

    She’ll vote to put the far left into semi-permanent power and America will become a one-party police state. And the system will STILL call you a racist and persecute you. Nothing dumber than conservatives.