Five Quick Sports Thoughts Under the Fedora

Posted: August 12, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The NBA has permanently retired Bill Russell’s number for all teams on the occasion of his death. It seems odd to me that they did not do this during his lifetime.

For some reason nobody seems to consider him the best of all time but me. For those who insist on LeBron or Jordan or even Kareem (who also belongs in this conversation) over the man who won 11 titles in 13 years let me say it again: When one of them manages to win a title while being a player coach as he did twice, then talk to me about how they’re in his league.

Chris Sale of the Red Sox has managed to put himself out for the season due to, of all things a bicycle accident.

The Sox have been doing a great job of self destructing anyways but I’ve never seen a player and a team so snakebit.

Some are bitching about his contract but let me put it this way. He was one of the prime reasons we won a title in 2018 and if you told a Sox fan in 1998 that signing a guy for five years would get you a title we would have all jumped at it in a second.

Bill Belichick is now 35 wins away from Don Shula’s record of wins by a NFL coach. Given what we’ve seen from the Patriots I’d say he will need at least 5 more years to get the record. I suspect that if they had kept Brady he would likely be less that 30 wins or maybe even as close as 25.

People who have seen this team in practice do not seem optimistic. Given how much other teams in the conference have improved over the last year I don’t blame them.

Being this close I can’t see him stopping until the record is in his hands.

The Bruins have been signing a lot of players for one more run with the current gang.

They have a team that is good enough to contend, the question is are they good enough to go all the way. My thought is if you have that chance go for it.

We’ve been spoiled a lot lately so we forget that championships are actually a rate thing.

Finally in my online league I have decided to take my own advice and traded away a 1st & 5th round pick along with OF Pat Kelly an above avg hitter with great range and good speed for Frank Howard who has maybe one more good year left in him.

Howard has made everyone in the lineup better and despite injuries and suspensions I’m right in the thick of the hunt, which given that our league is designed to make it hard to repeat isn’t bad at all.

Let’s hope I’m still this optimistic when we have 50 games left to the season instead of 100

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