I’m Old Enough to Remember When “Death Panels” were a Punch Line for the Left vs Palin and not Policy in Canada

Posted: August 25, 2022 by datechguy in News/opinion
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To steal a meme from the good folks at Instapundit:

How it started:

So it doesn’t matter that Politifact crowned “death panel” its Lie of the Year in 2009 – the phrase has staying power. It’s easy to see why: “death panel” evokes an image of faceless bureaucrats rationing health care and sentencing the elderly and the infirm to death.

Ben Cosman The Atlantic: ‘Death Panels’ Will Be Sarah Palin’s Greatest Legacy 5/30/14

How it’s going

In a recently reported horror story from The Associated Press, Alan Nichols, 61, was successfully killed after a quick one month waiting period as he was suffering from hearing loss. Nichols was an otherwise decently healthy guy, but his brother claimed he was railroaded into killing himself. Nichols’ family said that hospital staff helped him request euthanasia and pushed him to do it, a story that has been repeated many times by other disabled or sick Canadians

…Canadian federal data shows that 10,064 people died in 2021 by medically-assisted suicide, a massive 32% jump from the year before. 

Douglas Blair: The Daily Signal Canada Is Euthanizing Its Sick and Poor. Welcome to World of Government Health Care. 8/24/22

I’m old enough to remember when the motto of “Do no harm” from the medical profession referred to the patient, not to the Hospital or the government’s bottom line.

I’d like to think that the folks who decided to edit the Hippocratic oath last century didn’t realize what it would do to the practice of medicine, after all you don’t lose a lot of money presuming human foolishness, but the longer I’ve lived the more I’m coming to the conclusion that this was the desired endgame, because the reality is there are only two sides in the fight vs right and wrong and I know who is in charge of the other side and there are and always have been plenty of folks who at best are his dupes or at worst are his allies.

Palin was never either.

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