The Biden Speech: It’s not Persuasion, it’s Justification

Posted: September 2, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The Master: Oh, Now I can say I was provoked.

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A lot of people seem to be looking at the president’s speech and asking why he would give such a speech.

Frankly I think all of this confusion is because people are thinking of it as either:

  1. A political speech to rally the base
  2. A speech to convince the American public that he is on the side of the angels

This is not in fact the case.

You see one of the problems with stealing an election and corrupting justice on a national scale to help cover it up is that the moment your enemies have control of any of the levers of government they have the ability to start getting to the bottom of things.

And God help them if there is a president in power who might appoint an energetic AG with not only the power but the WILL to investigate.

That’s why generally you don’t get the type of large scale steal that we saw this time around. It’s one thing to do something in a one party city or even a one party state. If there is very little turnover you don’t have to worry much.

But on a national level power tends to shift back and forth more frequently which makes what happened last time very dangerous.

I often say to people who say the stolen election stuff is only a “conspiracy theory: ” I’ll believe that the steal of election 2020 is a conspiracy theory when the people who say it’s a conspiracy theory stop acting like they’re part of a conspiracy.”

These people keep acting like they’re desperate DESPRATE to keep Trump out of office. Logically there is no reason to be this afraid of a single Trump term if it’s just a question of graft, or prestige or influence.

BUT if there is the fear of jail, or being broken. of being exposed, disgraced, of losing the comfort they have any tactic is allow.

In my opinion that’s what this speech was about, that’s why he was made to do it (He’s not rallying the base or getting ready to convince the public of a threat, he’s providing the justification to what his administration is going to do over the next two plus years to those of us who support Trump, things that just a few years ago nobody would have dreamed an American government would do to their own people.

If you think these folks have gone over the line or violated all the norms of the republic you ain’t seen nothing less. I suspect things are about to get a whole lot worse and a lot more repressive.

I could be dead wrong, it’s possible that this is just political ineptitude, they certainly have the manpower that radiate it, but I doubt it.

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