A Reminder for NE Fans and Sports Radio folk

Posted: September 7, 2022 by datechguy in nfl, Sports
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I keep hearing people talking about Bill Belichick being the greatest coach of all time. Let’s look at some basic stats

Tom BradyBill BelichickBrady Without BillBill Without Brady
Number of winsNumber of SeasonsNumber of Seasons(includes 2008 Brady 1 game)
5 wins022
6 wins011
7 Wins033
8 Wins000
9 Wins11
10 Wins231
11 Wins4411
12 Wins66
13 Wins321
14 Wins44
15 Wins00
16 Wins11

And lets do one better

Tom BradyBill BelichickBrady without BillBill without Brady
First place Finishes191720
Playoff Record34-1231-134-11-2
Super bowl Appearances10910

Put simply Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time…as long as he has the greatest player of all time playing for him.

If not he is a pretty good coach smart enough to coax an extra win or two for a team.

Meanwhile Tom Brady is the the greatest player of all time who not only wins divisions and superbowls wherever he plays but he does it at an age when people have usually been behind a TV camera for half a decade or more.

Update: I’ll add one caveat, if Bill Belichick can make the playoffs with this Patriots team and this coaching staff I might have to promote him from pretty good to great in my mind.

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