I Must Admit I Feel Honored

Posted: December 11, 2022 by datechguy in media, tech, Uncategorized
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As the Twitter files were being released and we got details on how “shadow-banning” , which both the media and the official folks at Twitter INSISTED was not happening, worked I got a tweet from one of the first people who followed me when I started to write back in 2008:

You have to remember something I’m a very small fish in the pond, Despite early stories on Epstein that predated most of the national media’s coverage and in person coverage of congressional, senatorial and even presidential campaigns, including questioning Donald Trump twice at press conferences I never managed to even 3500 followers on twitter.

Yet like Youtube which banned me last month and denied my appeal based on unequal treatment Twitter apparently found me dangerous to their narratives to keep my tweets from getting out to followers

I must admit I’m flattered and honored.

Closing thought, It was in the last few years that I decided I wasn’t going to be bigger than I was and decided to not push harder in terms of trying to make this my primary living. I wonder how many hits on the web site and how many tip jar hits I missed thanks to the efforts of the not so good folk at twitter that made that decision necessary?

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