Very Quick Under the Fedora Thoughts: Missed it by that Much, You First (although I advice against it), Elon vs Bernie housing Irony, 4th place drink status remains constant, Retail Store Week

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Well the 161 of the 162 games of my 1970 league turned out to be fatal to my playoff hopes as Bob Miller gave up 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th in relief and while I managed to score a pair and load the bases with the tying run on 3rd and the go ahead run on 2nd Tommy Harper who had driven in over 100 runs for me that season couldn’t manage a hit or walk against rookie pitcher Bert Blyleven and thus the Twins go on to the wild card game and I ended my season one win away from a playoff berth.

It’s the 2nd year in a row were I ended up just short of a goal with the tying and go ahead runs on base and a big hitter of mine up. I had two men on with no men out in the last of the 9th of game seven of the world series when Bobby Tolan outran a Pete Rose’s drive over his head for the 1st out and Steve Carlton coaxed a double play from Tommie Agee to end the series.

Rest assured no parts of my neighborhood ended up burning over this defeat. After all there is always the 1971 season.

Apparently Bill Gates is once again talking about how much better things would be if there were less people.

Have you ever notice that the people who keep saying this always think it would be better if other people weren’t alive instead of them?

As a Catholic I can’t and won’t advise this but I’m sure there are plenty of people looking at Gates and company and saying: “You first”

Am I the only person who finds it Ironic that while the nation’s most famous socialist owns 3 homes the nation’s most famous capitalist owns none

Early this year, Musk said in an interview with the non-profit organization TED  that he no longer owns a home and instead stays at friends’ houses.

My first thought was “where do you keep your stuff?” but if you’re one of the top 5 richest people in the world you don’t need stuff since anything you want is pretty much a phone call away.

Still very ironic.

Croatia apparently edged Morocco in the 3rd place game at the world cup.

Both teams have been bun to watch and would have been worthy teams for the final but was not to be.

Morocco advanced farther than any other Arab or African team in history I suspect non of those players will ever be able to buy a drink in an Arab country again.

But given that booze is illegal in many Muslim states that might have been the case anyways.

It’s now Saturday the 17th 8 days before Christmas and Amazon tells me that even with free prime delivery the items I wanted would not make it here by Christmas.

This is the week when retailers have the chance to take advantage of the fact that people buying items in the store can take them home with them and perhaps salvage a bit of business from this explosive Biden economy, at least explosive in the sense that the ability of Americans to afford to spend has been taken out as it hit by saturation bombing.

Well I guess we have the economy we deserve.

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