My Speaker Suggestion: Raid a Blue State Minority Leader

Posted: January 4, 2023 by datechguy in politics
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I must admit I came into this whole speaker debate an agnostic.

Ideally as I’ve already written you want someone willing to either

  1. Make a deal with the left to advance your most important priorities in exchange for some of theirs as that all you can do with only the house
  2. Hold up everything and do nothing but pass the essential funding bills and do investigations.

But I figured the logical thing was to get McCarthy in there and if he blew it, he blew it.

It seems to me that if McCarthy can’t get his own caucus in line and didn’t have the brains to wait till he had the votes to hold the vote and didn’t have the skill to make a deal within his own party he’s unlikely to be able to do what needs to be done as speaker.

This suggests we are going to need a compromise candidate means we will need a compromise candidate

The problem is apparently nobody in the GOP caucus seems to want the job.

Frankly if nobody who can get the votes is willing to step up then none of them should get the job which means we need to look elsewhere.

The logical place to look would be in the various state legislatures.

Now I suspect people with actual power in a red state will not want to give it up to be speaker when they don’t get a seat in congress to go with it but there are plenty of GOP pols stuck in blue states like Massachusetts who have no prospect of advancement who are wasted where they are and more importantly are likely unacquainted with the existing members which means that they will be able to act without retaliation and might even help in their own state.

This is the logical and rational move that is most likely to provide the results that we want. Which means it’s almost completely unlikely that they will be willing to do this.

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