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I must confess I have absolutely no idea who this guy is, but as I was figuring out who gets the last 4 spots on my Christmas countdown I asked DaWife who to include. She named many of the people I had already chosen but also said “Josh Groban.”

When I told her I’ve never heard of the guy she answered: “Google him, he’s really good!”

Well one of the secrets of having a marriage that lasts 35 years is to know what hills to die on and what hills not to, so without further ado for the 10th day of Christmas I give you Josh Groban…

…whoever he is.

Speakers Race Bottom Line: Who can make the best deal?

Posted: January 3, 2023 by datechguy in politics

Everyone seems to be ignoring the real bottom line in this speakers race so here it is bluntly:

  • With the democrats in control of both the Senate and the White House no part of the GOP Agenda can pass without compromise with the Democrat left
  • Therefore the next GOP speaker needs to know what hills to die on and what hills to surrender
  • Or put simply: Is the plan to do nothing but pass bare bones spending bills and wait till the next election or is the plan to try and do somethings even if it means the left gets some stuff they want?

The GOP needs to answer that final point first and once they do they can decide on if to get a speaker who will stand like a rock against the left or a speaker who will make the best possible deals to advance the highest priority conservatives causes (spoiler alert Mitch not withstanding Ukraine is not among them).

If McCarthy fits that bill vote for him, it not vote for the person who does

No charge

By Christopher Harper

As a journalist with the Associated Press and Newsweek, I interviewed some interesting and important people, from Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat to the killers of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton and the survivors of Jim Jones’ haven in Guyana.

But I was a neophyte compared to Barbara Walters. During nearly a decade of working with her, I came to understand why she was so good at interviews.

When I left 20/20 for academia, I asked her if it was all right to provide some of her secrets to budding journalists, and she agreed.

But I think her techniques can help almost anyone interviewing other people or finding out information about any subject like Medicare plans and benefits.

First, research a topic or a person thoroughly. Know as much as possible to formulate a list of questions. Barbara had a photographic memory, so it was easy for her to recall all the details.

Second, carefully select the questions and try to anticipate the answers.

Before each interview, Barbara and I each would write down questions on three-by-five cards. We’d then meet in person to edit the questions. Some would be included, others rejected, and some would be combined.

Some questions would try to elicit long answers: Tell me how you feel about this or that.

Some questions were intended to evoke a yes-or-no reply. Barbara’s most famous question of this type occurred when she asked Vladimir Putin if he’d ever ordered someone killed.

Some questions weren’t questions but statements of fact to prompt a response. You said you felt alone…. Pregnant pause…

When we’d chosen 30 to 35 questions, Barbara’s assistant would type the questions on several four-by-six cards. These cards remained in Barbara’s lap or hand without the audience being unable to see the cards.

As the producer, I would listen to the interview subject’s answers and make sure that he or she had adequately responded and made sure Barbara had asked all the questions. If something were off by only a bit, we’d redo the question and answer at the end of the interview.

Third, and perhaps most important: Barbara listened.

The rigid structure of the questions resembled a well-choreographed dance, but Barbara could and did drift away from the questions if she found something of interest.

It’s essential to ensure you don’t overlook information simply because it doesn’t fit into the choreography.

Like most everything in life, you need to get all the details and listen to what others say.

Barbara Walters made her mark by doing both better than anyone else in journalism.

I was at work and away from any kind of radio or TV when Damar Hamlin went down during the Bengals/Bills game.

When I got home I went to youtube to look at the video but what was pushed up front wasn’t the hit, which I would have expected to be front and center as a trending popular choice, but a video of a doctor, complete with labeled charts insisting that this particular hit was just at the right time in the cycle of the heartbeat to cause this issue and INSISTING that nobody should speculate about vaccines.

Don Surber is invoking the 24 hour rule which is sensible but this Doc obviously had this up and ready within 4 hours and youtube coincidently made it a point to promote it to me last night.

I can see why, you can have all the hashtags you want about “died suddenly” even on the new free to speak twitter but nothing gets the attention of the public then an athlete in seemingly peak shape suddenly collapsing in front of one of the largest TV audiences of the week after a hit that looked like nothing special.

No word on if the Doc has any comment on the sudden death of 38 year old former Jaguars guard Uche Nwaneri from acute heart failure. I presume nobody hit him.

Don Surber notes quite the coincidence of Joe Biden’s latest vacation to the Virgin Islands corresponding with this:

After successfully settling a $105 million lawsuit against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein in early December, U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise N. George then filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase saying the “bank knowingly provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid.”   

Attorney General Denise N George has just been fired.

Given this and the democrats sudden public support for drag queens shaking their genitals in the faces of kids It seems more and more likely that the entire party is simply a grooming gang.

Apparently Mastodon, the platform that a lot of high profile leftists and journalists migrated to after leaving twitter is according to this piece, a haven for child porn but does their best to hide that fact.

See my final comment from the previous block for my thoughts.

There was a conversation about electric cars on twitter than I joined making the following point:

Like COVID, ESPTEIN etc if people were just straight about things it would be much better. Given time electric cars may overcome their limitations, after all the internal combustion engine of 2022 is far superior to that of 1968, but they’re not there yet.

Apparently the push to make us panic about Monkeypox now called M-Pox has fizzled as no about of fearmongering or spin was able to convince people that a person who doesn’t engage in either

  1. Gay sex with a man
  2. Sex with someone who engages in gay sex with men

will catch it.

Oh well I’m sure they’ll manage to unload the various vaccines over time.