Speakers Race Bottom Line: Who can make the best deal?

Posted: January 3, 2023 by datechguy in politics

Everyone seems to be ignoring the real bottom line in this speakers race so here it is bluntly:

  • With the democrats in control of both the Senate and the White House no part of the GOP Agenda can pass without compromise with the Democrat left
  • Therefore the next GOP speaker needs to know what hills to die on and what hills to surrender
  • Or put simply: Is the plan to do nothing but pass bare bones spending bills and wait till the next election or is the plan to try and do somethings even if it means the left gets some stuff they want?

The GOP needs to answer that final point first and once they do they can decide on if to get a speaker who will stand like a rock against the left or a speaker who will make the best possible deals to advance the highest priority conservatives causes (spoiler alert Mitch not withstanding Ukraine is not among them).

If McCarthy fits that bill vote for him, it not vote for the person who does

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  1. Jon Peace says:

    Sorry, I totally disagree. GOP speakers have “compromised” (basically rolled over) with Democrats and got nothing while Democrat speakers refuse to compromise and get everything they want. The next speaker needs to develop a backbone even if it tangles up Congress and nothing gets done. To quote Kenny Rodgers “Sometimes you need to fight when you’re a man.”